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Musical ZAP Game - Notes with Rhythm Syllables

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 18 pages | Grades: 1 - 7

A fun group game to play when learning notes and rhythms.

Use this active game when teaching students about notes and rhythms in music.

How to Play
1. Break students into two equal groups, standing in two lines behind a team leader.
2. Place all of the Musical ZAP cards in a pile at the front of the two lines.
3. Team leaders do “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to work out which team goes first.
4. The leader picks up a card and claps, taps, or plays the notes on the card.
5. If they complete the rhythm correctly, they earn their team a point.
6. After their attempt (successful or not) they move to the back of the line.
7. Then, the second team draws a card and completes the rhythm on the card.
8. The game repeats until all students have had a turn.

Card Explanations
BEAT CARDS – Students clap, tap, or play the rhythm on the card (this can be done with hands, clap sticks, a xylophone, or any noise making instrument).
ZAP CARDS – Some cards have an extra task that need to be completed such as lose a turn, gain an extra point, etc. The blank ZAP cards can be decided on by the teacher. These could be a physical exercise such as jumping jacks, sit ups, etc.
MUSICAL ZAP CARDS – The MUSICAL ZAP cards are to be decided on by the teacher. These could be a musical task such as humming a theme song, or playing a freestyle rhythm.

Give each card a value based on the number of beats in the rhythm. For example, ‘ta’ = 1 point, “ti-ti” = 2 points, “ta-a-a-a” = 4 points.


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