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Tattling vs. Telling Teaching Presentation

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Google Slide, PowerPoint | 1 page | Grades: 1 - 4

Teach your students the difference between “tattling” and “telling” with this comprehensive teaching presentation.

What Is the Difference Between Tattling and Telling?

Let’s face it… Kids love to share their problems with anyone who lends a sympathetic ear. However, teachers all around the world will tell you that there is such a thing as oversharing! We must teach our students from an early age that there is a difference between the problems they can solve themselves and those they need help with. This, in essence, is the difference between tattling and telling.

  • Tattling is when you complain to an adult about something someone has done, or something that has happened.
  • Telling is when you inform an adult about something someone has done, or something that has happened. 

They sound similar, but they are very different!

Reduce Tattling in the Classroom with This Behavior Management Resource

This teaching presentation has been developed to assist you with your classroom management. Address these concepts with your students at the beginning of a new school year, or refresh your students during the school year if tattling becomes an issue in your classroom. The PowerPoint addresses the following topics:

  • What is tattling?
  • What does tattling look like?
  • What are some examples of tattling?
  • What is telling?
  • What does telling look like?
  • What are some examples of telling?

An interactive sorting activity is also included at the end of the presentation.

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BLOG: How to Stop Tattling in the Classroom

This resource was created by Jennifer Hall, a Teach Starter collaborator.

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