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Visual Tracking - Letters and Numbers

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 15 pages | Grades: K - 2

A set of worksheets for students to visually track and find numbers and letters.

Visual tracking is the ability to control one’s eye movements. Students who struggle with visual tracking have a hard time reading a paragraph without losing their place, copying written text from the board or screen, aligning numbers vertically and horizontally in math problems, struggle with letter reversals, and mix up their left and right.

These visual tracking exercises support students with their scanning abilities. They can also be used for students struggling with dyslexia.

Print the worksheets on cardstock and place each one in a dry erase sleeve. Then, allow students to complete the activity using a dry erase marker and wipe clean when they are done.

Students scan a page of numbers or letters and circle them in order. For example, they will circle the first 1 they come to, then the first 2 they come to after the 1, and so on.

Different levels and sizes of numbers and letters are available in the download.



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