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Which Is Heavier? – Mini-Book

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 4 pages | Grades: PK - K

Compare the mass of common, everyday objects with this 8-page mini-book.

Use this teaching resource when exploring the mass of common, everyday objects.

How to create this resource

Print the PDF and slice each page in half horizontally. Staple the pages together to create a booklet.

A little book, but a lot of learning!

Each page of this mini-book contains two images. The students must circle the object that is heavier or lighter (depending on the question).

When answering the questions, it is important to remind your students to visualize the actual size and mass of the real-life object. The images in the book are not drawn to scale.

The final two pages ask the students to draw an object that is heavier and lighter than themselves.

Looking for a resource to practice this concept?

Look no further! Our interactive PowerPoint quiz is a perfect accompaniment to this mini-book. Access this via the thumbnail below.

Image of Which Is Heavier? – Interactive PowerPoint

teaching resource

Which Is Heavier? – Interactive PowerPoint

An interactive PowerPoint quiz that asks students to compare the mass of various everyday objects.

Teach Starter Publishing23 pagesGrades: PK - 1


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