PE 2.1

Movement. The student demonstrates competency in fundamental movement patterns and proficiency in a few specialized movement forms. The student is expected to:

  • (1) travel independently in a large group while safely and quickly changing speed and direction;
    • (A) demonstrate skills of chasing, fleeing, and dodging to avoid or catch others;
    • (B) combine shapes, levels, and pathways into simple sequences;
    • (C) demonstrate mature form in walking, hopping, and skipping;
    • (D) demonstrate balance in symmetrical and non-symmetrical shapes from different basis of support;
    • (E) demonstrate a variety of relationships in dynamic movement situations such as under, over, behind, next to, through, right, left, up, or down;
    • (F) demonstrate simple stunts that exhibit personal agility such as jumping-one and two foot takeoffs and landing with good control;
    • (G) demonstrate smooth transition from one body part to the next in rolling activities such as side roll, log roll, balance/curl, and roll/balance in a new position;
    • (H) demonstrate control weight transfers such as feet to hands with controlled landing and feet to back;
    • (I) demonstrate the ability to mirror a partner;
    • (J) walk in time to a 4/4 underlying beat;
    • (K) perform rhythmical sequences such as simple folk, creative, and ribbon routines;
    • (L) jump a self-turned rope repeatedly; and
    • (M) demonstrate on cue key elements of hand dribble, foot dribble, kick and strike such as striking balloon or ball with hand.

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