Phonological Awareness Skills – PK – III.B.7

Child can produce a word that begins with the same sound as a given pair of words.

3 teaching resources for those 'aha' moments
  • teaching resource

    Four in a Row Game - Letter Sounds

    Practice applying letter-sound correspondence with 26 picture cards, 26 letter cards, and a beginning letter sounds picture game board.

    Teach Starter Publishing 11 pages Grades: PK - 1
  • teaching resource

    FIND IT! Letter Sounds Board Game

    Develop letter-sound relationships using this engaging multiplayer board game with 26 alphabet cards that players match to recognizable pictures.

    Teach Starter Publishing 8 pages Grades: PK - 1
  • teaching resource

    Beginning Sounds Sorting Activity

    Practice identifying beginning sounds of words by sorting this set of 24 picture cards.

    Teach Starter Publishing 7 pages Grades: PK - 1