Social Studies K.10

Culture. The student understands similarities and differences among individuals. The student is expected to identify similarities and differences among individuals such as kinship and religion.

3 teaching resources for those 'aha' moments
  • teaching resource

    Rules Around Us Sorting Activity

    Identify rules at home, in school, and around the community with a sorting activity.

    Teach Starter Publishing 6 pages Grades: 1 - 3
  • teaching resource

    Rule or Law? SCOOT Activity

    Differentiate between rules and laws with a round or two of Rule or Law Scoot!

    Teach Starter Publishing 8 pages Grades: K - 2
  • teaching resource

    American Symbols and Monuments Posters

    Promote patriotism, decorate your classroom, and teach your students the beauty of America with a set of 12 American symbol and monument posters.

    Teach Starter Publishing 12 pages Grades: PK - 5