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Interactive Hundreds Chart

Teach Starter Publishing Suitable for grades:  K - 3

Explore an interactive hundreds chart with multiple color options, automated skip-counting and more!

Using an Interactive Hundreds Chart in the Classroom

No doubt you have printed hundreds charts in the classroom, but this digital and interactive hundreds version is a game-changer for math teachers. Set it up on your smartboard as a warm-up activity, or add it to your classroom routine when students are entering the classroom after a recess or lunch break — there are plenty of ways to use this tool!

The versatile nature of a hundreds chart interactive allows for:

  • skip counting
  • addition strategies
  • identify missing numbers.

The Most Comprehensive Online Hundreds Board

This online hundreds chart has plenty of exciting features that open up the activity possibilities to keep your students engaged.

🧮 Bright Colors

Choose from a variety of colors, and select numbers on the board. Each numbered box will change to the chosen color with a very satisfying animation.

🤖 Automated Skip Counting

Busy getting the final pieces of the lesson ready? We have you covered! Use the automatic skip-counting feature, and have your students say the numbers as they are automatically highlighted. The default interval is one second, but you can change the speed of the count in the settings menu. Change the time to 0.5 seconds to give the students a challenge, or use the 0.1-second option to quickly show the patterns that occur with different skip counts.

🎉 Gamified Number Sequences

Selecting the ‘Check number sequence’ setting in the options menu brings in some gamified elements where students can select numbers in specific sequences to fill their background with color!

When a student skip-counts from the first number — e.g. 2 — all the way to fill the board (100), a success message will display, and the number in the background will change to their chosen color.

🎲 Random Number Picker

The dice button on the left-hand side will clear the board and will animate through numbers before landing on a random selection. Team this up with the black color to create a missing number activity where students have to count on or count back one to determine the number.


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