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Stephanie Mulrooney

Stephanie Mulrooney is a Brisbane-based Resource Producer with a Bachelor of Arts, Diploma in Education from Macquarie University, and 11 years of experience teaching across the primary school sector. Steph joined Teach Starter in 2015, sharing her passion for teaching through worksheets, poems, units, videos and more.

Teaching was the obvious choice for Steph, loving to learn new things and being very motivated in all aspects of her school life as a child. She never really considered any other profession! Stephanie is incredibly passionate about English, and as Teach Starter’s ‘resident poet’, has shared that passion through a huge collection of resources, including her Thoughts in Verse collection.

Some of Stephanie’s other favourite resources can be found below.

Stephanie’s Work

The Time Travellers Timepiece Worksheet

Use this comprehension worksheet in conjunction with our Year 4 What’s Buzzing? magazine (Issue 2).

Chance and Data Maths Investigation – Roll Me a Six!

A mathematics investigation involving chance and data, embedded in a real-world context.

Let’s Experiment Video – How Long Will it Take to Melt

This engaging and interactive video demonstrates a science experiment that explores the change of state from a solid to a liquid.

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