Operations with Fractions Assessment - Year 5 and Year 6

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60 mins | Suitable for years: 5 - 6

An assessment task in which students will demonstrate an understanding of operations involving fractions.

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  • AC9M4N03

    Find equivalent representations of fractions using related denominators and make connections between fractions and decimal notation

  • AC9M4N04

    Count by fractions including mixed numerals

  • AC9M5N03

    Compare and order fractions with the same and related denominators including mixed numerals, applying knowledge of factors and multiples; represent these fractions on a number line

  • AC9M5N05

    Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same or related denominators, using different strategies

  • AC9M6N03

    Apply knowledge of equivalence to compare, order and represent common fractions including halves, thirds and quarters on the same number line and justify their order

  • AC9M6N05

    Solve problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions using knowledge of equivalent fractions

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