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Genius Hour Teaching Resource Pack

Teach Starter Publishing
Zip File | 26 resources | Years: 3 - 6

Download the full collection of teaching resources to support facilitation of Teach Starter's six-step 'Genius Hour' inquiry-based learning process.

At Teach Starter, we appreciate that there are many ways to conduct Genius Hour. We have created a streamlined, six-step process for teachers and students to follow in the classroom. This teaching resource pack provides teacher notes that explain the process, as well as all of the resources you’ll need to support students as they work through this systematic inquiry-based learning process.

Genius Hour allows students to work on a passion project, idea or new skill during class time.  Genius Hour projects can be completed during a designated amount of learning time on a regular basis (such as one hour per week), or as a fast finisher activity.

How Does Genius Hour work?

  • During Genius Hour, students identify a topic or problem they are passionate about and form a deep, open-ended inquiry question to research, answer or solve.
  • Students take a systematic approach to the formulation of their inquiry question and research.
  • Towards the end of their Genius Hour project, students present or create a final product that communicates their findings and/or solution. Genius Hour presentations can take a variety of written, spoken or visual forms, such as a multi-modal presentation, a book, a script, a movie or a speech; through cooking, building or performing a community service (amongst other ideas).
  • To conclude a Genius Hour project, students reflect on their experience of the Genius Hour process. They may even form new questions that could be answered in subsequent Genius Hour projects.
Teach Starter Publishing

Teach Starter Publishing

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  • Allie Duval

    how long after you pay does it get send to you or do you download from the site?

    • Natalie

      Hi Allie! You download it from the site once you have purchased it. We hope you and your students enjoy the fun things in this resource pack! Please let us know if we can answer any other questions for you.

  • Kayla Lewis

    Is it possible to get some more blank type pages to match the background and 'look' of the rest for barnstorming, note taking, drawing etc? A page with the marble look background with just a border and a blank middle....with perhaps a banner title like the others just saying notes/ideas or something?

    • Kristian

      Hi Kayla, Thanks for your suggestion. Please feel free to request a resource here: https://www.teachstarter.com/request-a-resource/ Requests are voted on by the Teach Starter community. We create the top request each week. Please let me know if you have any further questions, I'm more than happy to help. Kind regards, Kristian

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