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Class Carnival – Probability STEM Challenges

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PDF | 5 pages | Years: 3 - 6

A set of four carnival-themed STEM challenges where students create fun games that incorporate probability.

This fun and engaging set of STEM challenges will allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of the design process and their understanding of probability.

The Challenges

Each challenge asks students to create a unique carnival-style game of chance. The games include:

  • Gone Fishin’ – players pick an object at random which reveals a prize.
  • Drop the Ball – players drop a ball into an obstacle course.
  • Ball Toss – players throw a ball into a box with cylindrical sections that indicate a prize.
  • Spin a Winner – players spin a wheel and win the prize that it lands on.


Students must ensure their game complies with the Game Requirements outlined in the table at the bottom of the Challenge Card. These requirements are given in words as well as fractions, decimals or percentages. This allows the tasks to be differentiated between year levels and student abilities.

Have less-confident students order the chance given in words and use this to inform the likelihood of each event occurring in their game.

Task the more-confident students with meeting the exact requirements of the game using the fractions, decimals or percentages and have them provide evidence to support this.

Whole Class Activity

Once the class has a variety of games created, stage the Class Carnival! Have the students take turns running and playing the games. Download the Tokens using the drop down menu above or the links below. Cut them into strips and give them to the students running each game. More ideas for implementing the whole class activity are included in the resource.

Incorporate Financial Mathematics with students setting prices to play each game. Students are given an allocation of money when it is their turn to play.

Additional Resources

Pair this activity with the following planning and reflections sheets for students to document their design process.

Image of STEM Reflection Sheet - Lower

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STEM Reflection Sheet - Lower

Use this STEM reflection sheet with your students when completing STEM challenges.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageYears: F - 6
Image of STEM Planning and Reflection Sheet - Upper

teaching resource

STEM Planning and Reflection Sheet - Upper

Use this STEM reflection sheet with your students when completing STEM challenges.

Teach Starter Publishing2 pagesYears: 3 - 6


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