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Managing Anxiety Worksheet (Upper Primary)

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Years: 3 - 6

Help older students identify and manage anxious feelings with this self-reflection and action plan worksheet.

Combat Anxious Feelings with This Anxiety Worksheet for Kids

Anxiety is a feeling we experience when we think something bad could happen.

Did you know that the number of children being diagnosed with anxiety and depression is rising?

In light of this, it is vital that our children:

  • understand what anxiety is
  • recognise how anxiety affects us mentally, physically and behaviourally
  • manage anxious feelings using appropriate ‘calm down’ strategies. 

This worksheet has been designed to assist students in managing anxious feelings about a particular situation. It encourages students to reflect upon their anxious feelings and develop an action plan for dealing with them. Students use the worksheet to: 

  • identify a situation that is making them anxious
  • give their anxiety a rating from 1-10 
  • explain how this anxiety is affecting their thoughts, bodies and behaviours
  • consider the worst possible outcome of the situation that is causing the anxiety
  • evaluate the likelihood of this outcome.

Students are also asked to write down three positive self-talk statements that they can use to help manage their negative thoughts, two actions they can take or strategies they can use to reduce their anxious feelings and one possible outcome of the situation that does not make them feel anxious.

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