26 Fun Punctuation Resources and Activities

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Are you looking for some fun and engaging punctuation resources and activities? Well, you’ve come to the right place. This blog will highlight what we think is the best of the best when it comes to engaging and hands-on punctuation activities.

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Teaching Punctuation in the Lower Grades

Instant recognition of punctuation symbols is vital to the teaching and learning of the correct use of punctuation in reading and writing. Therefore, incorporating a variety of activities where students are given the opportunity to learn and recognize punctuation marks and their names is advised. For example, having a simple warm-up where the teacher holds up a punctuation mark and the students call out the name can be super effective.

Also, another effective and active way to get students to engage with the names and formation of punctuation marks is punctuation ninja. Students learn a karate move for each of the punctuation marks.

Check out this video – it’s super cute!

Punctuation Resources and Activity Ideas

Sentence Sorting Activity

Encouraging students to look at already constructed sentences and working out what punctuation is missing is a fantastic small group activity. Our Punctuation in a Pouch resource is a fun marsupial-themed display that does just that. With this resource, we have already come up with 40 sentence strips that are ready to go. There’s no need for you to sit and write the sentences yourself! We have even provided a recording sheet for your students to use if you want to use this activity in a writing center.

Punctuation sorting activity for students in the early years

Contraction Folding Cards

Use this set of contraction folding cards to reinforce how contractions work with your students. This is a great interactive resource that visually shows how the two words combine to become one word, using an apostrophe to create the contraction. Learning contractions is a difficult concept for young minds to understand. This great hands-on resource is the perfect addition to your classroom.

To reinforce these contractions, have students write the two words and then the contraction in their journal – you can even have them use the contraction in a sentence! Bravo!

Contraction folding cards

Show Me Activity

This is a quick and easy activity that can be done in the last five minutes of class. Use our super adorable punctuation puppets for this simple activity.

The students listen to a sentence that you read out of a book or make up! The students must decide which sentence ending is correct and hold it up. You can turn this into a game by having students who get it wrong sit down. The last student standing is crowned the winner!

We have included a page of other quick and easy activities you can do with the punctuation puppets with the resource download.

We added this little punctuation comic poster of goodness too. Cute!

Punctuation puppets for kids

Other activity resources:

Punctuation Scavenger Hunt

All you need for this little gem of an activity is a good storybook that includes a variety of punctuation marks.

During whole group reading, cover up some of the punctuation marks in the storybook. As you are reading and come to a covered mark, stop and have your students complete a think-pair-share to decide which punctuation mark is needed. It is amazing the conversations that will occur between your students!

Punctuation scavenger hunt in kids books

Sentence Shuffle Fun

A simple hands-on activity that you can set up in a writing center in your classroom. Create a collection of sentences with a number of punctuation options, including capital and non-capital letters. I printed each sentence on a different colored piece of paper so that it didn’t get too confusing for the kiddos. I used the editable cards from our Sentence Saga Literacy Activity (Silly Sentences) resource.

The aim of this activity is for your students to put the sentences together using the correct capitalization and punctuation marks.

Sentence shuffle activity for learning punctuation in the early years


Punctuation on Magnets

This is a super easy activity that you can set up and use time and time again.

Purchase a set of magnets that have a flat surface like the ones we have pictured below. Use a Sharpie to write a variety of punctuation marks on the magnets. The beauty of creating these punctuation magnets is that they can be used for a variety of activities. One idea is to use a whiteboard and have a variety of sentences already constructed that the students add the correct punctuation mark to the end.

Also, you could put the students into partners and have one student write a sentence with a missing punctuation mark, their partner then needs to work out what punctuation mark is missing and place the punctuation magnet on the whiteboard.

Punctuation magnets activity for the early years

Punctuation Displays and Posters

Creating a visual display for your students is vital to the teaching and learning of punctuation in the classroom. Our beautifully designed Punctuation Poster Pack that has been created for the early years classroom.

This poster pack is vibrant, simple and also provides examples of punctuation marks in use!

Punctuation Posters for the Classroom

Other punctuation displays:

Teaching PowerPoints

Use our teaching PowerPoints to help scaffold your students’ knowledge of punctuation. Our editing PowerPoints are also a great tool to gather data about where students’ punctuation knowledge currently sits.

Punctuation Worksheets

Use our punctuation worksheets to consolidate the learning of punctuation.

Check out our Punctuation Resource collection for our huge range of engaging resources for you to use in your classroom.

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