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5 Classroom Birthday Bulletin Board Ideas + More Ways to Celebrate Students' Big Days

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If there’s one thing just about every child loves, it’s celebrating their birthday. Something as simple as a classroom birthday bulletin board or a teacher sharing birthday wishes for a student can really make a kid’s day. 

Looking for some classroom birthday ideas and classroom birthday boards that will absolutely blow your students away? We did a deep dive into all things birthday, and we’ve come up with some seriously fun ways to wish your students a happy birthday! 

Oh, and if creating full birthday displays is a little too time-consuming for you, then scroll to the bottom of this post … we’ve got you covered with some awesome, ready-to-print birthday charts, birthday certificates, and unique ways to celebrate your students in the classroom!

Classroom Birthday Board Ideas

Setting up a classroom birthday board is a relatively easy way to make sure every child in your class feels a little birthday love, and there’s a bonus: Set up a bulletin board or birthday chart at the beginning of the year, and you don’t have to do much more than switch out names and dates every month. The general birthday decor can stay up all year long, meaning one corner of the room pretty much takes care of itself. Winning!

We also know how much time decorating a classroom can take — we’re all teachers here at Teach Starter — so we’ve made it extra easy. Each of these birthday displays comes with its own downloadable, printable classroom birthday board resources!

“Under the Sea” Theme Birthday Wall

birthday bulletin board under the sea

This Under the Sea-themed classroom birthday board idea is o-fish-ally awesome. A twist on the jellyfish bulletin board, each month is displayed on the body of a jellyfish, and you can attach each student’s birthday as a tentacle hanging below.

To create this “Under the Sea” birthday bulletin board we used:

  • aqua colored wrapping paper
  • Jellyfish Birthday Display Template (which includes jellyfish, rainbow Happy Birthday pennant banner, and sea animal cut out decorations)
  • white and dark blue crepe paper streamers
  • a ball of fancy yarn
  • colored cardboard to create the coral
  • yellow and green party decorations.

Tips for Longevity

  1. Use heavy cardstock for the pennant banner, the jellyfish ‘month’ bodies and the sea animal cut-out decorations.
  2. Attach the birthday tentacles using mounting putty or double-sided tape (which can then be removed at the end of the year).
  3. When you take down your display, the main templates can be reused for the next year (or passed on to another teacher who loved this birthday board idea!)

Printing Tips

The printable Jellyfish Birthday Display template includes pennant banners that fit one to a page. Depending on the size of your board you will need to print the banner at a different size.

  • To create this portrait-orientated “Under the Sea” birthday display we printed the banners 6 pages per page.
  • For a landscape-orientated display print the banners 2-4 pages per page.

To create jellyfish and cut out decorations the same size as our example, print the relevant pages at full size.

Cupcake Birthday Display

cupcake classroom birthday board

This tasty printable cupcake birthday board is one of the most popular in our collection of birthday-themed teacher resources! To create a cupcake birthday bulletin display you’ll need:

Printing Tips

This downloadable Cupcakes Birthday Display prints one cupcake per page. When the candle pages are printed at full size they are the correct proportions for the cupcakes. To make a smaller cupcake birthday wall, reduce both the cupcake pages and the candle pages by the same size.

Ice Cream Birthday Bulletin Board

ice cream birthday board in classroom

We all love a good birthday cupcake board, however, this sweet ice cream birthday wall idea takes celebratory dessert displays to the next level!

Every month of the year is printed out on a waffle ice cream cone, while students each get a blank ice cream scoop on which they can write their name, write the date of their birthday (we love putting these in the cherries!), and then decorate however they’d like to.

To create this ice cream themed birthday wall we used:

That’s it! The only thing you need for this display is some space on a bulletin board or wall, a pair of scissors, some mounting putty, and this printable file!

Printing Tip

To create this sample classroom birthday board, we printed all pages of the Ice Cream Birthday Display Template at full size. If you’d like to create a smaller display, make sure you print both the cones and the scoops at the same reduced size so the proportions remain the same!

Rainbow Balloons Birthday Board Idea

classroom birthday board with balloons

Hands up if you love rainbows!? Well, this super easy classroom birthday wall idea is for you! Sticking with an obvious birthday theme, this printable Balloon Birthday Chart is another fun classroom display. To create this birthday bulletin board we used:

Printing Tips

To create this sample display we printed all pages of the Balloon Birthday Template and the Rainbow Happy Birthday Pennant Banner — two pages per page.

  • If you’d like to create a larger, landscape-orientated display you may like to try printing the balloons at full size and hanging the banner across one string.
  • To create a smaller display, make sure you print both the balloons at a reduced size so the proportions don’t seem too out of whack.

Printable Birthday Charts

If you love a good pop of color in your classroom but the idea of cutting a series of decorations for a new display isn’t your idea of a good time, then a pre-designed Birthday Chart is for you!

  • Browse the Birthdays collection to find the chart design that you like the best.
  • Enlarge the chart to a larger size and laminate it.
  • Use a dry-erase marker to write in your students’ and your own birthday dates for the year.
  • Wipe clean at the end of the year and re-use!

Other Ways to Celebrate Student Birthdays

Birthday Certificate

Don’t have room or time to create a huge classroom birthday board or chart? You can keep things simple and print out a birthday certificate to show your best birthday wishes for each student. This is a perfect way to ensure they have something to bring home to commemorate the day!

Birthday Book Bag

Do you allow students to borrow books from your classroom library? Create a special book bag for the birthday child filled with birthday-themed books that they get to keep for a few days or even a full week! Some of our favorites include:

  • Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish by Beth Ferry
  • Happy Birthday, Madame Chapeau by Andrea Beaty
  • The Backwards Birthday Party by Tom Chapin and John Forster
  • If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moonby Joyce Lapin

Create a Birthday Chair

Whether it’s simply decorating a chair with a few streamers and balloons or popping a pillowcase on the back to make it look a bit fancier, giving one special student a birthday chair to sit in on their big day is a big, big hit in a classroom!

Show and Tell

Make a student’s birthday special by allowing them to bring something special from home on their big day for their very own show and tell in front of the class!

Visit our full birthday collection for teacher-created resources ready to download, print, and display in your classroom!


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