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25 Scary Fun Halloween Crafts, Activities and Games for Elementary Schoolers

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Updated | 7 min read

It’s spooky. It’s (sometimes) scary. And it’s one of the students’ favorite times of the year: Halloween! If you’re looking for Halloween art projects for your elementary students, games themed around pumpkins and witches, or maybe some Halloween-themed activities that are more in line with the subjects you’re actually teaching, we’ve got you.

The Teach Starter teacher team pulled together Halloween art projects, Halloween activities that will help students practice writing skills, Halloween math activities, and more … plus some Halloween activities for your students that are just plain fun!

Ready to do math with pumpkins, create creepy stories, and more?

Halloween Art Projects for Elementary

Let’s kick things off with everyone’s favorite — the fun stuff! These are some of our favorite Halloween art projects to do with the elementary school set, and we added a few teacher tips to add an educational element.

Hanging Bat Craft

Save up your toilet paper rolls to create hanging bats for the classroom. As well as creating a spooky Halloween classroom display, they are a great starting point for a classroom discussion about animal behavior and what it means to be nocturnal.

Hanging paper bat craft

This can also open the door to writing an animal information report! For example, challenge your students to find out why it is that bats hang upside down.

Image of Informative Texts - Scaffold Planning Sheets

teaching resource

Informative Texts - Scaffold Planning Sheets

4 planning templates to use when writing an informational text.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 1 - 3
Image of 'Facts About...' Template

teaching resource

'Facts About...' Template

Get a sense of separating fact from opinion in texts with this graphic organizer.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: K - 3
Image of '10 Fun Facts' Template

teaching resource

'10 Fun Facts' Template

Use this template to distinguish between fact and opinion when studying informational or biographical texts.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: K - 6

Q-Tip Skeleton

This easy Halloween craft activity requires very little planning and preparation but creates an impressive Halloween art piece to take home! Grab Q-Tips (or cotton swabs) from the dollar store, some black construction paper, and make Q-tip skeletons.

Q-tip skeleton craft

You can add a math element to this art project too — as a class, explore symmetry and angles! Useful eco tip: use eco-friendly Q-tips with paper stems.

Alternative: Cut up straws to make your skeletons (and keep it green with paper versions!).

Halloween Page-Biter Bookmarks

Does your district frown at giving out candy for Halloween? Send your students home with these fun Halloween bookmarks instead, so they can take a bite out of reading fun!

Making these Halloween Page Biter bookmarks is fun and easy.

  1. Download and print the Halloween Page Biters template.
  2. Decorate the bookmark of choice.
  3. Cut along the outside dashed lines and cut out the hole for the mouth.
  4. Use the page biter’s mouth to sit as a bookmark over the top of a page.

Halloween page biter bookmarks

Funky Pumpkin

Need a printable Halloween activity with a little less mess and a little less work involved? Introducing our Funky Pumpkin! The printable pumpkin templates are free and include glasses and other accessories for your students to deck out their paper pumpkins.

Funky pumpkins are also a great art project for teaching about patterns and lines:


Funky Cat

Steer your students away from those myths about black cats with a funky Halloween cat art project. Just like the funky pumpkin, this Halloween printable comes with purrfect accessories like a witch’s hat!

halloween cat art project for kids

For more Halloween cat fun, try a black cat mini-mystery!

Image of Mini-Mystery – Who Scared the Black Cat?

teaching resource

Mini-Mystery – Who Scared the Black Cat?

A logic-based Halloween-themed puzzle where students solve a mystery by reading clues.

Teach Starter Publishing2 pagesGrades: 3 - 6

Halloween Hand and Foot Print Art


Put a Halloween twist on this popular preschool and kindergarten art project. Students use their hands and feet to create prints that can be decorated into one of many spooky Halloween characters like vampires, monsters, ghosts, and pumpkins.

halloween crafts for kids footprint and handprint activity

Roll to Create a Haunted House

Make drawing a haunted house extra fun with a “roll to create” that will make this house extra kooky.

  1. Download and print the Roll to Create a Haunted House worksheet.
  2. Students roll their dice and find the corresponding house and yard features on the chart.
  3. Each time they identify an element, they add it to their haunted house drawing.

Roll to Create a Haunted House - Halloween teaching resource

Mix things up with these additional roll to create art projects for Halloween:

Image of Roll to Create a Spooky Halloween Scene

teaching resource

Roll to Create a Spooky Halloween Scene

A fun, hands-on Halloween activity using a die and a chart to create a spooky scene to include in a narrative text!

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 2 - 6

Halloween ELAR Activities

Feed the Monster Game

Do you know what monsters love to eat most of all? In this Halloween phonics game, it’s graphemes!

Print the monster face feeding posters, and the accompanying flashcards for use in your reading centers.

Monster grapheme eating game

Roll to Create a Halloween Story

Use this Roll a Story game to get students started on a fun Halloween creative writing task!

  1. Download and print the Roll to Create a Halloween Story worksheet.
  2. Students roll a dice and identify the corresponding narrative elements on the chart.
  3. Each narrative element is recorded at the bottom of the sheet.
  4. Once students have “rolled” the characters, setting, and complications for their story they can begin to write their narrative.

Bonus: Print a Halloween-themed writing page for your students to display their work.

Roll to Create a Story - Halloween games for kids and teachers

Halloween Phonics Fortune Teller

Create a simple phonics game by writing Halloween-related vocabulary on pumpkin, mummy, and bat fortune teller templates.

Break the words up into syllables, blends, and digraphs.

halloween fortune tellers for kids shaped like pumpkins mummies and monsters

Need more ways to incorporate Halloween into your ELAR lessons? Give these resources a try!

Image of Haunted Preposition House

teaching resource

Haunted Preposition House

A fun and spooky Halloween activity to practice using prepositions and prepositional phrases.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 2 - 5
Image of Halloween Bulletin Board Set – Wrapped Up in a Good Book

teaching resource

Halloween Bulletin Board Set – Wrapped Up in a Good Book

Download a printable Halloween bulletin board set for your classroom library or school library. Showcase your students’ insightful book reviews with our Halloween-themed classroom display.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 1 - 6
Image of History of Halloween – Reading Comprehension Worksheet

teaching resource

History of Halloween – Reading Comprehension Worksheet

A comprehension task paired with an article about the history of Halloween.

Teach Starter Publishing1 pageGrades: 5 - 6
Image of Halloween Word Search for Younger Students

teaching resource

Halloween Word Search for Younger Students

Build a wickedly-good vocabulary with our spooky Halloween-themed word search.

Teach Starter Publishing2 pagesGrades: 1 - 3

Halloween Math Activities

Cast a spell on your little mathematicians with these frightfully fun Halloween math activities!

Make a Pumpkin Geoboard

Geoboards are excellent learning tools for exploring basic concepts such as perimeter, area, and the characteristics of polygons.

a Halloween Math activity that explore polygons.

You will need:

  • a small pumpkin
  • push pins
  • colorful rubber bands

How to Make a Pumpkin Geoboard:

  1. Press push pins into the skin of a pumpkin, and provide your students with brightly colored rubber bands.
  2. Remind your students that a polygon is any 2-dimensional shape formed with straight lines.
  3. Demonstrate how to secure the rubber bands around the pins to create polygons.
  4. Encourage your students to work with a partner or a small group to explore different polygons.

Use our Types of Triangles Poster, and head to our 2-D Shapes Learning Area for teaching resources to scaffold learning.

Measure the Circumference of a Pumpkin

This fun and simple Halloween activity can easily be adapted to fit any grade level. For the primary grades, focus on informal units of measure, and for the older grades, use a measuring tape. Extend student learning by converting measurements, comparing and finding the difference between pumpkins, and graphing your results!

a Halloween Math activity that explores circumference.

You will need:

  • one or more pumpkins of varying size
  • ribbon or string
  • paper clips
  • measuring tape

Explain to your students that a circle or sphere’s circumference is the distance around it. For a rich learning experience, be sure to ask open-ended questions and build in class discussion. For example, ask:

  • How could we measure the circumference of the pumpkin?
  • What challenges might we face?
  • How do measurements vary and compare?
  • Why do the results vary?

Measure Pumpkin Capacity

Students often find it hard to estimate the capacity of containers, and the best way to develop knowledge and understanding of this tricky concept is through hands-on learning. So, this Halloween, why not estimate, measure, and compare the capacity of pumpkins!

a Halloween Math activity that explores capacity.

You will want to make sure that your students know the difference between volume and capacity before you begin this activity. Also, don’t forget to explore how containers of different shapes can have the same capacity!

Measuring the Mass of a Pumpkin

Use a balance scale to compare the masses of small pumpkins or pumpkin portions. Encourage your students to determine whether the pumpkin’s mass is more, less, or about the same.

a Halloween Math activity that explores mass.

For the older grades, use a bathroom scale to measure a whole pumpkin’s mass and encourage your students to convert to another measurement unit. Use our Converting Customary Units of Measurement Posters as a scaffold for students who may need it. Head to our Measurement collection for teaching resources to use when your students learn about measurement units, including length, mass, and volume.

Halloween Number Puzzles

Perfect for little learners who are still learning numerical order, these number order puzzles use witches, pumpkins, and more for a Halloween twist on the game!

Halloween number puzzle

Spider Symmetry

The eight legs on a spider might make them scary for many folks, but it also makes them absolutely perfect for symmetry lessons! This spider symmetry grid is the perfect way to add a taste of the Halloween holiday to your lesson that’s not too spooky!

As an extension activity, have students determine the fraction, decimal, and percentage of each color, or write the colors as ratios.

Number Sentence Fortune Tellers

Grab the mummy, bat, and pumpkin fortune tellers for some mental math strategy fun! Write number sentences on the inside of the fortune teller, and pair students off to use mental math to calculate the answers.

As an alternative math game, explore and measure the angles of the fortune teller.

Halloween Graphing

This quick activity makes the perfect graphing lesson! Count the Halloween illustrations and create a tally chart on the Search and Find – Halloween worksheet. Then, have your students create a graph to display their data. A great extension activity could be to have your students generate questions using information from their graphs for a partner to answer.

Hallwoeen Search and Find activity for kids

2-D Monster Puppets

2D shape monster puppets

Explore 2-D shapes … but make it monstrously fun with monster puppets that help them get a sense of hexagons, squares, and more (while playing Monster Mash on Spotify, perhaps?).

Are you ready for Halloween? See our complete holiday resource collection for more spooky good fun for the classroom!


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