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Written by Alison Smith

Are you and your students getting excited about Halloween? Or, perhaps you don’t share the same enthusiasm for Halloween activities and Halloween crafts. We understand both points of view! Here are eight educational Halloween craft ideas to give you options and make your classroom spooky while learning!

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Halloween Classroom Door Challenge

Students love a design challenge, and it doesn’t get much better than the official Teach Starter Halloween Door Decoration Challenge! This activity is ideal for the older students. This team challenge provides the opportunity for collaborative work and explores measurement, scale drawing, and STEM.


Use our STEM Planning and Reflection Sheet – Upper Years to help your students plan and reflect on each design process stage. Students fill out each section:

  • Challenge – What is the challenge?
  • Research – What do you need to know?
  • Ideas – What are your ideas?
  • Design – What materials do you need? How will you create your design?
  • Outcome – How did you test your design? What happened?
  • Evaluate – What would you do differently? How could you make your design better?

Choose the most suitable design and use it to decorate your classroom door! Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram and tag us (@teachstarter_US).

Halloween Chatterbox Template

Halloween couldn’t get any better with our Halloween Chatterbox Templates. Your students will love to create and play with these friendly chatterbox characters. Most importantly, they can be used to make Halloween activities for learning! Spot the chatterboxes in the video and read on to see other fun ideas…


Here are some Halloween Activities to try with your Halloween Chatterboxes.

  1. Write number sentences on the inside of the chatterbox. With a partner, encourage students to use mental math strategies to calculate the answer.
  2. Explore and measure the angles of the chatterbox.
  3. Create a simple phonics game by writing Halloween related vocabulary on the chatterbox. Break the words up into syllables, blends, and digraphs.

Q-Tip Skeleton

This easy Halloween craft activity requires very little planning and preparation but creates an impressive Halloween art piece to take home! Whether you choose to make a spider web or a skeleton out of Q-tips, your students are going to be engaged and focused while having Halloween fun!

Q-tip skeleton craft

As a class, explore symmetry and angles! Useful eco tip: use eco-friendly Q-tips with paper stems.

For more Halloween activities, read our blog on Scarily Awesome Halloween Art for Kids.

Hanging Bat Craft

I love these hanging bat decorations! As well as creating a spooky Halloween classroom display, they are a great starting point for a classroom discussion about these amazing mammals. What’s more, don’t miss the learning opportunity to teach and learn how to write an animal information report!

Hanging paper bat craft

Do you know why bats hang upside down? Unlike birds, bats can’t launch their bodies into the air from the ground. So, they hang upside down to ensure that they are in the perfect position to spread their wings and fly away.

Head to our Exploring Informative Texts Unit Plan – Year 1 and Year 2 for ready to go lesson plans:

Pine Cone Foxes

To make these cute little critters, your students will each need:

  • some pine cones (possibly foraged on an adventure walk)
  • our Fox Craft Template
  • some items from your craft supply cupboard (scissors, a marker, glue, and felt squares).

How to make:

  1. Cut out the fox pieces from the Fox Craft Template.
  2. Place them on felt sheets, making sure the eyes, nose, and feet are a dark color that will stand out. Trace the pieces with a marker.
  3. Cut out the fox pieces.
  4. Use craft glue to stick the fox’s body parts to the pine cone (hold each piece for 30 seconds or until secure).

Friendly Scarecrow Craft

Popsicle stick scarecrow Halloween craft activity

This fun craft stick scarecrow is a perfect Halloween craft activity for younger students.

This simple craft requires:

  • 12 craft sticks per student
  • Orange paint
  • Craft glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Natural raffia or straw
  • Beads or googly eyes
  • A black marker
  • A decorative flower
  • Colored felt

Teacher Prep:

Each student will need two craft sticks with their curved ends cut off. This will need to be done by an adult with sharp scissors or a razor blade. Be careful! The wood can splinter, so safety goggles would be a plus.

How to make your craft stick scarecrow:

  1. Layout 9 craft sticks vertically in a row.
  2. Using glue, attach a trimmed stick at both the top and the bottom of the row of sticks. Wait for them to dry.
  3. Paint the last stick you haven’t used orange (or the color of the hat) and allow it to dry. This will become the brim of his hat.
  4. Once the last stick is dry, flip over the glued sticks and paint a straight, slanted line at the top to make the top of the hat. Paint each craft stick above the slanted line with orange paint (see image above).
  5. Attach the single painted craft stick (covering the slanted line you painted in Step 4) across the front of the sticks as the brim.
  6. Glue on eyes and felt triangle nose.
  7. Draw on a smile.
  8. Add a decoration to the hat.
  9. Attach straw for hair to back of the scarecrow.

Painted Pine Cones


Painted pine cone halloween craft

Left-over pine cones? Paint them up in Fall hues (like these candy-corn-inspired ones). String them up together to make lovely DIY Halloween decorations for the classroom, or attach some ribbon so students can hang them up at home.

It’s the simplicity that makes this one of my favorite Halloween craft activities for kids!

Apple Pinch Pots

Apple pinch pots Halloween craft activity

Who remembers making pinch pots in art class as children? This lovely variation on the traditional pinch pot requires students to look at a real apple’s cross-section and squash and mold their pinch pot into a crooked creepy apple (complete with seeds!).

All you’ll need is:

  • Clay
  • Acrylic paint
  • Varnish or clear craft glue (optional).

How to make:

  1. Make a basic pinch pot. You may find it handy to show students the above video.
  2. Observe the shape of a cross-section of a real apple.
  3. Squash the top and bottom of the pot to replicate the shape
  4. Add seeds and leaves
  5. Allow to dry (or fire in a kiln)
  6. A spray of varnish or coat of clear craft glue will add a bit of glossy protection to your pots.

So, as you can see, there are many ways that you can justify taking time out of your busy schedule to celebrate Halloween. Blow the cobwebs away this year with a little Halloween fun, all the while knowing that your students are having a learning experience too!

So, it’s time to fire up your cauldron and start planning one or more of these Halloween activities! For more ideas, head to our Halloween Collection.

Don’t forget to share your spooky Halloween photos with us on Instagram @teachstarter_US.

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