Holiday Pop-Up Card Templates


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Holiday Pop-Up Card?

The holidays are just around the corner, you have that ‘end of the semester’ tiredness that always seems to occur while you are trying to finalize report cards and close up any final projects! Finding and planning easy holiday craft activities can get put to the bottom of your (very long) to-do list. Well, we have one of the easiest, yet coolest holiday crafts going around the tinsel-vine at the moment.

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We have carefully constructed each of these templates to create some gorgeous pop-up cards using a variety of scenes, in the easiest of ways!

Pop-Up Card Directions

  • Decorate the background and the different items of the card.
  • Cut out the template, and fold along the middle line so that the dotted lines are on the outside.
  • Carefully cut along the two dotted lines while the card is folded.
  • Fold the card the other way, creating two right angles that pop up when the card opens (the Santa in a chimney template has one big pop out section and a smaller one above).
  • Cut out the different items of each card and glue them where you wish.
  • Glue a greeting and some holly on the card, too.

?? Santa Stuck in the Chimney ??
Holiday Pop-Up Card Template

This cute holiday card uses a double right-angled pop-up to have the bottom of the house and Santa popping out the top.

Download this Holiday Pop-up Card Template here.

☃ Snowman ☃
Holiday Pop-Up Card Template

This template includes a couple of snowmen, as an option for those that don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas, but still have holidays to celebrate!

Download this Holiday Pop-Up Card Template here.

? Summer Santa ?
Holiday Pop-Up Card Template

Perfect take on a Santa for those countries who experience the holidays during the hotness of summer! Introducing Summer Santa…

Download this Holiday Pop-Up Card Template here.

For more awesome holiday crafts and activity ideas, check out our

Christmas Resources Collection.

Downloadable Christmas Crafts and Activities

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