Origami Transforming Star using Sticky Notes


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

As it approaches the end of the year and your classroom supplies are all packed up….what do you do with your students?

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You create a ninja transforming star with eight sticky notes!!! I used four blue and four green sticky notes!

Here is my step by step process:

Step 1

Fold one sticky note in half.


Step 2

Fold the bottom left corner up at a right angle. I opened it up and then folded it back the other way to make sure the crease was solid.


Step 3

Unfold the sticky note and fold the two top corners down to the middle crease, like the image below. Make sure you are folding the sticky part of the sticky note down in this step!


Step 4

Fold the piece of paper in half again.


Step 5

Using the creases you made in step 2, you need to fold the bottom in towards the middle to create a parallelogram.


This is what it should look like…if you are struggling with this part. Check out the video at the bottom of the blog to give you some more visual instructions.


Step 6

Repeat steps 1-5 with the other sticky notes. You should have four of each color!


Step 7

Now the fun part!! You need to put it altogether.

Pick up one piece and hold the opened part out to the right. Now, place another one inside the open part as shown below.



Step 8

Fold the little excess ends into the second piece as shown below.



Step 9

Repeat the process, alternating colors, until you get to the last piece!


Step 10

The last piece goes in the same way, except you need to make sure the end opening part of the last piece is sitting either side of the first piece you started with!

It’s just like a little jigsaw puzzle! Make sure all the little excess bits have been tucked in!



You are done! Now for the fun part!

Hold the octagon shape either side and push inwards until the little star points are sticking out!

Keep doing this until it is transformed into a star!



I found this idea in the video below! You may like to also watch the video to give you further visual clues!

Now it’s your turn…let us know how your students went creating these cool little transforming ninja stars!

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