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How to Make an Origami Ninja Star Video

Teach Starter Publishing
1 min | Grades: 3 - 6

Teach your students sticky note origami using this instructional video showing how to make a ninja star.

Origami with Sticky Notes!

Do you have a pile of sticky note pads on your teacher’s desk, just begging to be used? Did you know that these can actually be used for student origami projects? That’s right, you read that correctly… sticky notes are great for origami, and they can be used to make some really cool creations!

This one-minute origami instruction video from Teach Starter will walk your students through the process of creating an origami ninja star using sticky notes. But first things first… what actually is a ninja star, and what are they used for?

What Is an Origami Ninja Star?

A ninja star (also known as a “shuriken”) is a traditional Japanese throwing implement utilized by ninjas. Crafted typically from metal, it boasts a flat, bladed form with multiple pointed edges. This video features the type of “shaken” shuriken, a star-shaped blade with multiple points.

Though the shuriken being created here is fashioned solely from paper, it’s prudent to establish clear guidelines on its usage for your students. It’s important to note that historically, ninja stars were employed primarily as tools for distraction or incapacitation, rather than as deadly weapons. They were typically hurled from a distance to divert an adversary’s attention or to strike them in non-critical areas such as the limbs. No need for ancient warfare in the classroom!

All your students will need to create their origami ninja star is eight colored sticky notes and a little bit of patience!

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