Would You Rather Questions | 10 Uses In the Classroom

Would You Rather...? Question Cards

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)
Posted Sunday February 10

By now, you should have heard of our hilarious and thought-provoking Would You Rather…? Question Cards.

If you haven’t…what are you waiting for? Go check them out! Would You Rather questions are an amazing way to generate thoughtful discussion in the classroom.

Not only do they generate positive, independent thinking, but they also have bucket loads of other uses!

This FREE resource has been a hit since we pressed publish. We thought we’d say thank you by giving you 10 more exciting ideas for how to use these cards in your classroom!

Get to Know You Activity

From the relatively tame “Would you rather do schoolwork in a group or by yourself?” to the outrageous “Would you rather only be able to crawl or only be able to walk sideways like a crab?”, these cards will help you and your students take a peek inside each other’s heads.

Ask your students a Would You Rather question and get them to turn to their elbow buddy to discuss their answer.

If your students already know each other quite well, why not have them write down their answers and then have their elbow partner guess which one they’ve picked!?

Would You Rather Cards - Get to know you

Excursion Boredom Buster

If you’re prepping for an excursion with your class and you know the travel time is going to a be a bit arduous, why not bring these along?

Forget the mind-numbing coach movie and cultivate some positive energy with these cards.

Would You Rather Cards

The journey will fly by as your students chat to their bus buddy!

Opinion Writing Prompts

Of course, being presented with a question that asks your opinion is a great opportunity for students to practice their persuasive powers!

Children are remarkably good at expressing their opinions when given the chance. These questions make great opinion writing prompts – from the early years to upper!

Ask them to create a quick persuasive speech, have a class debate, or even write a proper opinionated essay as a response to one of these 31 cards.

Narrative Writing Kick-Starters

Sometimes the best stories are the ones that have grown from a tiny seed planted in a child’s mind.

Plant those seeds with these cards to begin a Narrative Writing lesson. See what truly imaginative and creative story ideas sprout from the simple ideas these cards present.

Would You Rather...? Question Cards

Use our Blank Comic Strip TemplateFree Download: Writing a Narrative Template, or Free Download: Narrative Writing Planning Template to tease your students’ ideas out onto the page and see what hilarious stories are created!

Dramatic Arts Stimulus

Use the Would You Rather questions to encourage your students to use their bodies in a fun way.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Read a question to your class. Ask them to mime the answer they would choose.
  2. Ask a student to draw a card from the pile and try to act both the options. Get the rest of the class to guess which card they chose!
  3. Invite students to create a dramatic skit based on a random card from the pile.

Check out our Drama Teaching Resources for an array of other fun drama-related activities!

Morning Brain Boost

If you’re finding that there’s too much noise outside of your classroom before the bell, why not set up an outside whiteboard with a Would You Rather question every morning? Get your students’ brains fired up before they even enter the room.

Would You Rather Questions - Morning Brain Booster

Why not start your morning literacy work by asking them to write a few sentences about their answer? They’ll have already spent the time thinking over the question!

Math Survey Stimulus

Would You Rather questions make the perfect stimulus for basic graphing and data work. Create a class survey out of a card using our Survey Data Collection Worksheet. Get your students to tally how many people vote one way versus the other.

To extend this idea, why not ask a few classes and create a column graph showing each class’s answers with our Free Download: Blank Graph Template?

Would You Rather Questions - Graphing and Data

A Lesson On Comparisons

When answering these questions, it may be easy for your students to jump to their answers very quickly without much thought. And that’s fine! Getting them to draw out their answers and explain themselves will help them become more thoughtful, conscientious people.

Another activity to prompt your students into thinking more deeply about their answers is to complete a compare and contrast activity. You might do this in a number of ways:

Would You Rather Questions - Compare and contrast

Drawing Activity

Some of the crazy ideas on these Would You Rather cards would make amazing illustrations!

Ask your students to draw their answers instead!

Would You Rather Questions - Illustration

For a bit of deeper thinking why not have them annotate their pictures?

Include in a Class Time Capsule

Have you read about our amazing Beginning of Year Time Capsule Template? For an additional inclusion in your students time capsule, have them include a Would You Rather question and answer.

Then at the end of the year, they can pull it out and see if their opinion has changed!

Would You Rather Questions - time capsule

For more information on this wonderful idea, read Holly’s blog First Day of School Activity Idea | Student Time Capsule Template.

We hope we’ve inspired you with some of these great ideas!

How do you use our Would You Rather Question Cards?

Comments & feedback

  • Great article! Thank you! I often use questions such as these to practice tallying or graphing.

    Comment by Kirsty Hollow on February 16, 2019 at 1:47 pm

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