Life Cycles Teaching Resources

Are you teaching the frog life cycle? The butterfly life cycle? Teaching elementary students all the steps of the plant life cycle? Cut your science lesson planning in half with printable life cycle worksheets, activities, and Google Slide templates created by teachers for teachers. This curated collection of life cycle teaching resources covers a range of organisms including plant and animal life, plus printable and digital versions of our most popular activities. Each resource has undergone rigorous review by a member of the Teach Starter teacher team to ensure it's ready to be used in your classroom, and many options are editable so you can easily differentiate instruction for individual students.

Why Is It Important to Learn the Life Cycle of Animals?

New to this section of the science curriculum? Teaching about the life cycles of animals such as a frog, butterfly, or chicken, can end up helping students better understand why they too undergo physical changes along their own life cycle, just like other organisms. Although it may be nestled under the science standards, there are elements of social and emotional learning at play too, as students see change and growth as natural — opening them up to empathize with others who are changing and growing. A life cycle unit helps prepare students to learn about living and non-living things, as well as providing a chance to learn about different species.
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