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Antonyms Teaching Resources

Are you teaching antonyms this school year? Printable worksheets, digital activities, and more options for the ELA teacher have been created just for you by the Teach Starter teacher team! Explore a resource collection full of options for your writing centers or reading centers with editable options to help students meet Common Core and state-level standards. Has it been a while since you were teaching this part of the ELA curriculum? Our teacher team knows what it’s like to suddenly teach a brand-new grade level after years away, so we’ve put together a quick refresher on antonyms!

What Is an Antonym?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. For example, "tall" is the antonym of "short." Typically adjectives or adverbs, these words are valuable for young writers to learn as they help us describe things more precisely and increase our vocabulary. Alongside learning about synonyms, teaching students about this type of vocabulary word also helps them as they begin to compare and contrast things. After all, when we know that something is not like something else, it helps us identify what that thing is!

Antonym Examples for Kids

Using examples can help your students start to grasp the concept of antonyms. Here are some fun examples that kids always love:
  • Lazy — Active
  • Boring — Fun
  • Yummy — Yucky

Fun Antonym Activities

Teaching antonyms can be exciting, fun, and engaging if you use the right resources. This collection of antonym activities includes the following:
  • Antonym games
  • Synonyms and antonyms worksheets
  • Antonym matching activities
  • Antonym posters
  • Antonym anchor charts
  • Google Interactive antonym activities
  • Antonym flash cards
  • Thesaurus skills
  • And more!
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