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Cloze Reading Passages Teaching Resources

Choose from dozens of printable cloze reading passages and cloze reading worksheets created by teachers and curated by the Teach Starter educator team to enhance reading comprehension and engage elementary readers. The cloze reading activities included in this curriculum-aligned teaching resource collection cover a range of grade levels from 3rd grade through 6th grade and integrate social studies topics, science topics, and more.

What Is Cloze Reading?

Cloze reading is an instructional strategy in which words are omitted from a text in order to test students' vocabulary understanding and reading comprehension skills. Using a word bank of vocabulary terms and cloze reading strategies, learners insert the missing words in the passage as they read to complete and construct meaning from the given text.

How to Use Cloze Reading in the Classroom

These digital and printable cloze reading passages are ready for students!  Here are some of our Teach Starter teacher team's tips for setting your students up for success with cloze reading:
  1. Instruct students to read the entire reading passage one time all the way through without filling in any of the word blanks.
  2. Encourage students to fill in each blank — even if they're not sure about some of the words.
  3. After they've completed each blank, instruct students to reread the completed passage and adjust any words if necessary.
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