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Fabulous Florals - Paper Towel Roses Craft Activity

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PDF | 1 page | Grades: PK - 6

Help your students say thank you to someone special by crafting a beautiful bouquet of colorful paper flowers. 

🌹Say It With Paper Towel Flowers🌹

These colorful, handmade paper towel roses are easy to create and make a thoughtful gift for students to give to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, or any time of year! 

Through this activity, students will exercise their creativity, strengthen verbal and motor skills, explore cause and effect, and… have fun! 

Assemble Your Fabulous Florals Paper Towel Craft  

Please note that this activity will download as a PDF, and requires the following supplies: 

  • paper towels
  • food coloring
  • paper straws
  • green string or yarn
  • tape or craft glue
  • decorative ribbon

At least 3 hours before assembly, students will blot their paper towels with food coloring and let them dry. Then they’ll cut the paper towels into strips and twist them to form roses. 

When your students are done turning paper into flowers, they’ll have a one-of-a-kind bouquet that never wilts—no watering required! 

Scaffolding + Extension Tips 

In addition to giving your students an artistic outlet that supports their creativity and fine motor skills, use this project to support your lessons on:

💐 Valentine’s Day

💐 Mother’s Day

💐 Mindfulness

💐 Color theory

💐 Environmental impact

💐 Recycling

And more! 

Students who need support would benefit from a demonstration of this activity before completing the craft themselves.

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