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Angle Maker Template

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PDF | 8 pages | Grades: 4 - 5

Create and classify different angles with this hands-on printable template.

Create Different Types of Angles with the Angle Maker! 📐

Looking for something other than a protractor to teach angles?

This fun hands-on activity will have your students obsessed with investigating angles and determining if they are greater than or less than a right angle.

The template uses a brad or paper fastener and some clever paper-crafting magic that results in a fun activity that can be created as a class, in small groups, or prepared ahead of a lesson to use as a nifty tool when learning about angles.

The angles included on the Angle Maker are:

  • acute
  • right
  • obtuse
  • straight

Multiple Versions to Meet the Needs of Your Class

With the ease of assembling in mind, this resource has two main options for you, depending on how you want to use it with your class.

The standard template has three pieces, and the advanced template has four. The main difference is the magic arrow that appears and disappears as you turn the angle maker.

A bit of a breakdown of what each template involves:

✂ Standard Template

  • Three pieces to be cut out and assembled
  • Cut out windows (students may require assistance)
  • A brad or paper fastener
  • Tape

🚀 Advanced Template

  • Four parts to be cut out and assembled
  • Cut out windows (students may need assistance)
  • A slit to be cut (adult use of a craft knife)
  • A brad or paper fastener
  • Glue
  • Tape

Download & Print 

Use the drop-down menu to choose from the Standard or Advanced options. Color and Black and White options are within these files, as well as templates with degrees and no degrees.

To help with the rigidity of the template when in the hands of students, print using cardstock.

Top Tip: 📌 Do a pre-poke! Before giving the templates to students, use a push pin to poke holes in the center points for each part of the Angle Maker. This will help them align the layers and poke their brad or paper fastener through!


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