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Data Math Investigation - Should I Buy It?

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 7 pages | Grades: 1 - 2

A mathematics investigation involving data collection and representation, embedded in a real-world context.

This open-ended mathematics investigation has been designed to deepen students’ understanding of data collection and representation.

Mrs. Fastlane loves unusual cars. She has been searching for a new car for months and has finally found one she likes. She has taken a photo of the car and has brought the photo to school. She wants to know what her students think of the car before she buys it. She has decided that she will only buy the car if most of the students in the class like it.

In this investigation, the students must conduct a yes/no survey to see which students in the class like the new car that Mrs. Fastlane has chosen. They must then display the data from the class survey in a table.

This teaching resource includes:

  • teacher notes, detailing a range of important information about the investigation
  • a detailed description of the investigation for students, including step-by-step instructions
  • making predictions worksheet
  • a data display template (it is recommended that this be enlarged to poster size before using)
  • ‘yes’ and ‘no’ icons for the data display
  • a reflection sheet.


Teach Starter Publishing

Teach Starter Publishing

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