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Non-Realism Performance Style Poster

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A poster explaining the theatrical performance style of Non-Realism.

Use thiseducational posterto display information about the dramatic performance style of Non-Realism. This poster is useful for students who are studying drama in the classroom, learning about the elements of drama and the concept of ‘dramatic action’, as well as those who are learning the basics of theater and performance skills.

The poster includes information about:

Drama in a non-realistic style can include dramatic action that looks like…

  • Freezeframes: Freezeframes are like creating photographs using our own bodies. They can be used to start and finish scenes, or used halfway through to emphasize an important moment.
  • Exaggerated characterization (language, voice, movement): The way you create a character using voice and movement can be used to emphasize certain attributes of that character.
  • Mask and costume: Masks and non-realistic costumes can be used to help create characters and communicate ideas too.
  • Direct address: Direct address is when a character speaks directly to the audience.
  • Movement or mime: Movement or mime can be used at any time to emphasize an important moment or an important idea.
  • Song and dance: Singing and dancing can help to tell stories and create dramatic meaning.

You may like to use this poster in conjunction with the Realism Performance Style Poster.


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