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Spin and Sort – More, Less, Same

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PDF | 3 pages | Grades: K - 1

Practice comparing numbers with this sorting activity.

This activity is best used in a math center or guided small group to practice comparing numbers.

The resource includes:

  • a spinner
  • a “more”, “less”, and “same” sorting mat
  • an instruction sheet.

How To Play

Print the sorting mat and spinner on cardstock for added durability. Cut out the arrow and attach it to the spinner. Alternatively, use a large paper clip for the spinner. Students place the paper clip in the center of the spinner and secure it with the eraser side of their pencil. Then, they thump the paper clip, allowing it to spin around the spinner until it lands on one of the sides.

Students randomly choose a number as their “focus number.” Alternatively, provide students with a deck of number cards to draw from each time. Students will spin the spinner. If the spinner lands on “more,” they will generate a number of items that is greater than their focus number and place the pile in the “more” section of the sorting mat. Students continue to spin and generate numbers, placing the piles in the appropriate sections of the mat.

Other Ways to Use This Resource

This resource could be used in a number of different ways.

Cover Up

Students spread out an assortment of number cards in front of them. After selecting one of the number cards as their “focus number,” they spin the spinner. The spinner directs where they will place a counter – either on a number card that is more, less, or the same.

Hopping on a Number Line

Combine the spinner with a number line and die. One person places a counter on a number on the number line. They also throw the die and spin the spinner. The next person moves the counter to the correct position on the number line. To extend the activity, have students create a number sentence to match the move each time, e.g. 7 – 2 = 5.

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