Social Studies 1.14

Culture. The student understands the importance of family and community beliefs, language, and traditions. The student is expected to:

3 teaching resources for those 'aha' moments
  • teaching resource

    American Symbols and Monuments Posters

    Promote patriotism, decorate your classroom, and teach your students the beauty of America with a set of 12 American symbol and monument posters.

    Teach Starter Publishing 12 pages Grades: PK - 5
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    teaching resource

    Pledge to the Texas Flag - Poster

    A poster with the words to the Pledge to the Texas Flag.

    Teach Starter Publishing 1 page Grades: K - 6
  • teaching resource

    Winter Celebrations

    A set of educational posters covering popular celebrations that fall in Winter.

    Teach Starter Publishing 5 pages Grades: 3 - 6