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Picture Writing Prompts

Teach Starter Publishing Suitable for grades:  1 - 6

These picture writing prompts are a great way to help students develop their writing skills. A visual writing prompt can be generated at random or chosen specifically.

Use these picture writing prompts to inspire your students’ creative writing and help them build their narrative and opinion writing skills, develop prediction and inferring skills, and more.

This picture writing prompt generator includes 60 beautiful photos picked and approved by teachers with additional text prompts.

How to Use Picture Writing Prompts in the Classroom

Here are some ideas that will help you take these visual writing prompts and put them into action in the classroom!

Narrative Writing Prompt

The primary purpose of this widget is to provide visual writing prompts to assist children with ideas and concepts for their narrative writing. You’ll get your students producing picture-perfect writing in no time with this collection of stunning photographs! Setting your students up for success when writing has never been easier.

Write an Opinion Text

Are you looking at opinion writing at the moment with your students? Using a stunning photograph may just be what you are looking for to add some more depth to your students’ writing.

Pick a photograph from the collection of 60 images. As a class, you can brainstorm what is happening in the photo and come up with a collection of persuasive topics to write about. This gives your students ownership over their writing.

Practice Prediction and Inferring Skills

Basic predicting and inferencing skills can be easily practiced using a simple photograph! By displaying a simple photograph for your students to analyze and asking some leading questions, you are instantly getting them thinking in more detail about the photograph. Questions you could ask include:

  • Where do you think this photograph has been taken? Why?
  • What do you think is about to happen?
  • Why do you think the dog is wet?
  • What do you think just happened?
  • Do you think this dog has an owner?
  • What do you think will happen next?

Art Interpretation

When teaching different art elements to your children, use a photograph as inspiration.  Prompting a student to sketch, paint, or create an art piece is another fantastic use of our Picture Writing Prompts Widget.

Incorporate Graphic Organizers

Using a photograph is a fantastic way to introduce and consolidate your students’ knowledge and understanding of a variety of graphic organizers. Here is a collection of graphic organizers that would work really well with a visual stimulus:

Looking for inspiration? Watch how to use the Widget in our Widgets Webinar.


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