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Classroom Word Search Maker

Teach Starter Publishing Suitable for grades:  1 - 6

Create your own word search with a word search generator that makes printable word searches!

This word search maker opens up a world of options for the classroom with printable word searches you can create on your own, then print for your students!

The Create Your Own Word Search widget tool allows you to customize the word list included in your word search, and you can also choose the board size, font, and select lower or uppercase letters. Click the Play button to get started.

How to Create Your Own Word Search

  1. Add the title of your word search.
  2. Enter your list of words or select a word list.
  3. Select your board size.
  4. Choose the font.
  5. Choose from upper or lowercase letters.
  6. Select Yes or No for diagonals.

And that’s it! You’ve just created your very own word search!

Pre-Made Word Searches

In addition to being able to make your own word search and print it out, we also have created a few word searches ourselves to make things quick and easy for teachers! Here are some of the word searches you’ll find already made!

  • 50 States Vocabulary
  • Antarctica Vocabulary
  • Chinese New Year Vocabulary
  • Electricity  Vocabulary
  • Ancient Egypt  Vocabulary
  • Earthquake Vocabulary
  • Advertising Vocabulary
  • Coding Vocabulary
  • Geometry Vocabulary

Ideas to Use Word Search Generator

Spelling Word Searches

Looking for a way to help your students learn their weekly spelling lists? A word search is a perfect activity to include in a spelling words activity grid.

Just copy and paste your spelling list into the word list box. Before you know it, you’ll have a spelling list activity ready to go for Monday morning.

High Frequency or Sight Word Word Search

Are the students in your class struggling to retain the knowledge of high-frequency or sight words? You’ve guessed it… use the word search maker to hide them in a word search. For more confident students, encourage them to extend their learning by constructing their own word search using the sight words they have found.

Don’t forget to check out our collection of Sight Word Resources.

Hidden Message Word Search

Hide a special message for your students in a word search. Write your personalized message in the ‘words’ box. Don’t forget to mix the words up and to separate the words with commas or enter one word per line. For an extra challenge, cut the word list from the bottom of the printable before giving it to your students to solve.

Looking for more help? Watch how to use the Word Search Widget in our Widgets Webinar.



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