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Here at Teach Starter, we understand the time and energy required to organise engaging and authentic literacy activities for your students. Let us take the stress out of your literacy planning with our beautifully designed and highly informative magazine!

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What can you expect with What's Buzzing? magazine?


Relevant, Age-Appropriate Content

Teach Starter’s experienced team of educators have curated the magazine’s content specifically for students of appropriate Grade levels. The magazine uses age-appropriate vocabulary to address a wide range of relevant and engaging topics.

Curriculum Aligned Articles

Integrating literacy across the curriculum has never been easier! The articles contained within the magazine directly relate to a range of learning areas such as Science, HASS, The Arts, and Health and Physical Education.

Accompanying Activities for Students

The magazine will be accompanied by five sets of task cards addressing the areas of writing, language, comprehension, reading strategies and higher-order thinking skills. This amazing teaching resource will be available for all Teach Starter members with a paid subscription.

The Magazine Advantage

When it comes to differentiating for individual students, magazines have many advantages over more traditional texts. Magazines include multiple genres, varied text lengths, a diverse range of topics and assorted layouts. There really is something for everyone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What grade level is this teaching resource for?

    This magazine has been created specifically with Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 students in mind. A magazine for Grade 4 students is coming soon.

  • How do I use the magazine for literacy groups?

    In countless ways! The articles contained within the magazine cover a range of text types. You could assign each literary group an article for the week, then allow the students to work through the five sets of task cards.

  • How do I use the magazine interactively?

    If you are keen to save time, ink and paper, you can display a digital version of the magazine on your interactive whiteboard or one-to-one device using our flip-book functionality.