Book Week 2021 Activities for Kids (In-Class and Remote)

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Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

The Teach Starter office has been abuzz with the absolutely incredible and exciting new Book Week activities our teachers and designers have come up with for Book Week 2021! And, we are super excited to bring you all of our absolute favs. During these unprecedented times, it’s hard to know what schooling will look like in just a few short weeks when it comes time to celebrate Book Week, so we have your bases covered. Whether you are at school or in the midst of remote learning – we’ve got you! You can still celebrate Book Week whatever your teaching circumstances may look like with these super adaptable – and adorable – 2021 Book Week activities.

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This year’s Book Week theme is – Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds!


Book Week 2021 Activities for Kids

Character Book Report Templates

You can’t do a book week celebration without completing a book report. And we have you covered with these super adorable templates that your students can complete and then decorate to hang up in the classroom!

2021 Book Week Book Report for kids

My Book Week Character Template (FREE Download)

The Book Week parade is often the highlight of the whole week! Your students can dress up as their favourite book character, or use the theme for inspiration.

Capture this memorable moment by taking a photograph of each student in their costume and pasting it onto this Book Week character template. Alternatively, they could draw a picture of the book character they have come dressed as

My Book Week Character template for kdis

Book Week Bookmarks and Posters

We have created these gorgeous student bookmarks and posters for the classroom to celebrate the theme of Book Week. Sayings on the bookmarks include:

  • Reading is the key that unlocks the past.
  • A great journey awaits inside this book.
  • Dive into another world…read a book!
  • Transcend time and space with a book.

Print out the black and white versions so that your students can decorate them themselves.

Book Week Bookmarks and Posters for 2021

Narrative Setting Circularama Templates

This resource has to be one of our favs! Step into old worlds, new worlds and other worlds using these narrative setting circularamas! Your students could use the templates as a fun writing prompt by choosing one template to become the setting for their story.

Combine three templates to create three different story settings, or get set for one time-travelling, interdimensional adventure across three very different environments!

Narrative setting activity for kids

My Ideal World Template

There are so many possibilities with this simple template. Have your students close their eyes and visualise their ideal world. Encourage them to think about what it looks like, sounds like, feels like and smells like. Students could even complete a Five Senses Graphic Organiser in order to record some of their initial ideas.

2021 Book Week Activity for kids

Reading World Scavenger Hunt

Inspire your students to engage in the wonderful world of reading with this challenging scavenger hunt! The perfect activity to do in class, during library time or even for remote learning!

Scavenger Hunt for Book Week

Roll to Create a New World Activity

Our roll to create has been super popular over the years. This one is no different; in fact, I think your students are going to absolutely love this one! They get to create their own world! There are so many possible activities you could do with this once they have created their very own world. Some ideas include:

  • Writing a description of their world.
  • Using their world as a setting for a narrative story.
  • Displaying in the classroom.

Book Week 2021 activity - roll to create

How to Celebrate Book Week Remotely

  • Have a Zoom Book Week party.
  • Have students draw a picture of the face of their favourite book character and join the class meeting holding up their drawn pictures.
  • Any of the activities featured above can be added to any third-party app to complete as they are all PDFs.
  • Play Kahoot and set up your own quiz about books the class has read.

Check out our full collection of Book Week Activities for 2021. Don’t forget to tag us on socials!

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