Book Week Costume Ideas for Teachers


Written by Holly (Teach Starter)

You either love it or you hate it! Book Week dress up day will be here before you know it and if you’re anything like some of my teacher friends, you leave it to the last minute and end up wearing the same costume you wore last year or pulling out that witches hat again! So, to help you all out, we have put together some of our favourite Book Week costume ideas for teachers! You might also like to check out our Book Week 2020 resources collection.

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Don’t leave it to the last minute! Have some fun with it – your students will love it!

Whizz from Don’t Open This Book

Now, this is going all out! Get a blue swimming cap, blue long sleeve top and blue stockings. Find some old shorts and a brown belt, plus some black lace-up shoes and you’re done!

Don’t forget the ‘Go Read Something Else’ sign. Thanks for the idea @the_good_in_teaching.

Book Week costume ideas

Mandrake from Harry Potter

Get creative! Don’t always pick the main characters from books. We absolutely love this book week costume of Mandrake from Harry Potter. It looks amazing and is another easy costume to re-create.

Get an old pot and cut the bottom out of it. A green shirt and some green vines (real or fake), some dirt on the face – and your book week costume is complete! Great idea @mrspembersclassroom.

Book week costume ideas for teachers

Crayons from The Day the Crayons Quit

A popular costume choice for a group of teachers! Each person goes as a crayon colour from the book – The Day the Crayons Quit!

A little time consuming but it’s definitely worth it. To save time you could create the crayon costume with two pieces of coloured poster paper and stick them together rather than having to paint each colour!

You could also get coloured glittery hats from the cheap shop. Thanks, @misseandmissp for this photo!

Book week costume ideas for teachers

All Aboard! Become Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus

This has to be one of my most favourite shows/books of all time!

Create each of the pictures for her dress with coloured paper and stick to a black dress. An orange wig would also do the trick!

Thanks @_emmachapple for the idea!

Book week cosume ideas for teachers

The Wizard of Oz

Pick any of the gorgeous characters from The Wizard of Oz. We love how these teachers from St. Mary’s Primary School each chose a character!

Book week costume ideas for teachers

The Gruffalo

Explore the deep dark wood with a teaching buddy and each dress up as the two main characters from The Gruffalo book.

Great photo!

Book week costume ideas for teachers

The Wicked Witch of the West

Ok, so I did mention that just grabbing an old witches hat is a bit of a cop-out for dressing up. But, if you are going to go to the lengths of painting your face green and even creating a broomstick, then it is a totally suitable book week costume option. Oh, and let’s not forget the yellow brick road! Amazing!

Thanks for this photo @librarylookbook!

Book week costume ideas for teachers

Dr. Seuss Inspired Characters

We all love Dr. Seuss! Why not dress up as Thing 1 or Thing 2? Although, you may need to find a partner in crime so you have both Thing 1 and Thing 2. Super easy to re-create.

Then, of course, there’s the famous Cat in the Hat! Some black face paint and a hat made of cardboard with red stripes on it and you are done!

Great photo @jazzeefizzle.

Book week costume ideas for teachers

Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” (with Toto)

So, I know we already mentioned characters from Wizard of Oz but, our favourite librarian over at @librarylookbook pulled out the shots again by bringing along the cutest prop ever – Toto!

Again, on her yellow brick road…

Book week costume ideas for teachers

Wally from Where’s Wally?

Another super easy costume to re-create is Wally. Some big black glasses, a red and white striped shirt and you’re done! The dog dressed up is not an essential prop, but super cute! Thanks, @mrs.strasek.

Book week costume ideas for teachers


There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Mozzie

She’s gotta be Aussie…

A big straw hat with a purple bow with some pearls and you’re done. Unless you want to go all out and wear a purple wig!

Great photo @heyteacherteacher.

Book week costume ideas for teachers


The Paper Bag Princess or Thelma the Unicorn

One of my ultimate favourites and very easy to do is becoming the Paper Bag Princess. All you need is some brown paper and string for a belt and you’re done!

Unicorns are all the rage at the moment with kids! Get out everything pink and become Thelma the Unicorn! Thanks to @teacherlife_qldedition for this photo!

Book week costume ideas for teachers

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great ideas teachers

Jkg Dsd · 6 days ago

Thank you, Jkg Dsd!

Paul (Teach Starter) · 5 days ago

great ideas

Soph Allison · Oct 21st, 2020

Hey Soph, thank you for taking the time to share your appreciation for our resources.

Royce (Teach Starter) · Oct 22nd, 2020

All great ideas, thank you!!!

Terri Cussadia · Aug 11th, 2018

You’re most welcome Terri!

Holly (Teach Starter) · Aug 12th, 2018

I’m in the same boat! Have though of being the green egg from Green Eggs and Ham (yolk is my belly), Humpty Dumpty on his wall, and treasure themed idea is to make the belly the treasure – maybe an x marking the spot on the map or “treasure here” pointed to belly with treasure chest surround…. decisions, decisions!

Catherine Pitt · Jul 23rd, 2018

Love your ideas, Catherine! Thanks for sharing…

Holly (Teach Starter) · Jul 25th, 2018

I was pregnant last year and went as ‘The old lady who swallowed a fly’ I just attached a few of the animal pictures to my belly.

Liz Williams · Jul 22nd, 2018

Hey Liz, that’s a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing…

Holly (Teach Starter) · Jul 23rd, 2018

Any ideas for a (very) heavily pregnant teacher?? 🙂

Terri Cussadia · Jul 21st, 2018

Oh goodness, Terri. I just did a quick search on Pinterest and few cool ideas came up. Would love to hear what you decide to go as – perhaps we can include your photo in our blog for ideas for pregnant teachers? Good-luck!

Holly (Teach Starter) · Jul 22nd, 2018

Terri, I’m in the same boat and going down the “There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a….” Goodluck!

Caitlin McDonald · Jul 22nd, 2018

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