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Year 5 Magazine - What's Buzzing?

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Calling all Year 5 teachers! You asked and we delivered. The Year 5 What’s Buzzing? magazine for students is hot off the press and ready for you to download. This magazine for students is literally bursting with high quality, content-rich pages. Tell your students to hold onto their hats because they are in for a treat!


The Greatness of the Year 5 What’s Buzzing? Magazine

So, what makes this magazine so exceptional and unique? Where should I start?

This magazine for students is packed full of articles pitched perfectly for Year 5 students. Oh, and did I mention that it is curriculum aligned? Most importantly, the topics and subject matter has been chosen with Year 5 students and their interests in mind.



Our brand new Year 5 – What Buzzing? magazine for students is…

  • brimming with fascinating and engaging articles
  • designed to use in conjunction with Year 5 Magazine task Cards
  • written specifically for Year 5 students
  • bright, bold and beautifully illustrated
  • presented as a digital text or printable
  • perfect to explore with more confident Year 4 students or less confident Year 6 students.

Fascinate and Engage Your Students

There is something for everyone within the pages of our Year 5 magazine – What’s Buzzing? It includes multiple genres and covers a wide range of topics. This magazine for students has been designed to spark interest in Humanities and Social Sciences, Health and Physical Education and more!

This magazine for students covers multiple genres and a wide range of topics.

Kids love magazines because they offer bright and bold illustrations and bite-sized articles. Magazines appeal to a wide range of ability levels and make easy work of differentiation. Most of all, magazines are fun and nurture a love of reading.

Text Type Heaven

In our Year 5 What’s Buzzing? magazine for students, you’ll find ten different text types to develop reading comprehension.

Find 10 different text types in this magazine for students.

With a click of a download button, you’ll have the following texts at your fingertips:

  • Within (poem)
  • Letter to the Editor (persuasive)
  • How to Make a Twirling Spinner (procedure)
  • The Loudest Sound in the World (narrative)
  • Human Histories: Sensational Scientists (biography)
  • K-9ine (advertisement)
  • 10 Fascinating Facts About the Amazon Rainforest (factual)
  • Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Find Your Sport (comic)
  • Species Snapshot: Narwhals (informative)
  • Earth Watch: From Fires to Flooding (explanation).

For more insight into the importance of exposing your students to different text types, read my blog, 10 Text Types for Upper Years | FREE Teaching Resources,

What’s Buzzing? Comic Strip

Do you have reluctant readers in your class? Providing magazines for students and comics could be the answer. So, with this in mind we have included an engaging comic strip Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: Find Your Sport. This fun and engaging a comic strip carries the important message to give things a go!

Kids love comic strips!

Students benefit from reading comics because of the way in which they:

  • encourage the use of inference (students have to infer what has not been written)
  • slow down skim reading (students are forced to slow down in order to fully understand what’s happening)
  • support less confident readers with less text and bold illustrations
  • tackle sensitive topics in a fun way
  • support reading comprehension for students with additional needs such as dyslexia and autism.

Check out our Comics collection for more engaging comics that your students will love. Why not use our Blank Comic Strip Template, and encourage your students to create their own comic storyboard?

Poem – Within

Our Year 5 – What’s Buzzing? magazine for students includes a heartfelt poem –Within.

Find poetry your students will love!

Within was written by one of our very own Teach Starter Resource Producers, Stephanie. The poem tackles the sensitive topic of inclusion and offers a thought-provoking insight into the mind of a young girl who feels a bit different. The careful use of language, rhythm and rhyme will enable your students to draw the important message from the poem.

By using this text in conjunction with the corresponding Year 5 magazine – What’s Buzzing? Task Cards, you can use this article to explore writinglanguagecomprehensionreading strategies and higher-order thinking skills.

Year 5 What’s Buzzing? Magazine Task Cards

The new Year 5 – What’s Buzzing? magazine was created to use in conjunctions with a set of Year 5 What’s Buzzing? Magazine Task Cards. These time-saving task cards take the stress out of your literacy planning and are perfect to use as English Group Activities and Reading Group Activities.

Use our magazine for students in conjunction with these task cards.

The five sets of task cards can be used in countless ways and address the areas of:

For more information and ideas on successfully setting up literacy groups read Holly’s blog, 40 Activities and Ideas to Set up Literacy Groups in Your Classroom.

Spread the word amongst your tribe that the Year 5 What’s Buzzing? magazine for students is out! And of course, don’t miss the Year 6 Magazine – What’s Buzzing? (First Edition)

Which year group will be next?

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  • Savannah Epskamp

    Hi there, i was just wondering if the task card colours link to the areas of writing etc or are the colours unrelated?

    • Heath Teach Starter

      Hi Savannah. Thanks for your questions and yes, the colours do relate to learning areas. Red for reading, yellow for thinking, blue is for writing, purple for comprehension and green for language. I hope this help and please let me know if you have other questions.

  • Angie Yang

    These were a TREAT to run! My 5/6 class loved them

    • Royce (Teach Starter)

      Hey Angie, thank you for taking the time to share your appreciation for these resources.

  • Isabelle Millien

    I'm just wondering how often a these magazines going to be published?

    • Stephanie (Teach Starter)

      Hi there Isabelle, thank you for your question. We don’t have any plans at this stage to create new issues; however, please feel free to vote for another addition or request a new version using our ‘request a resource’ widget, found here Kind regards, Steph

  • Larisa green

    This magazine and the accompanying task cards are AMAZING! My year 5's have been so engaged in the content and the variety of activities. It compliments my reading rotations beautifully. Thanks!

    • Alison Smith

      Hi Larisa, It's so great to hear positive feedback and to know that your class are loving these resources. Have a brilliant day and send your class a big high-five from the Teach Starter team. Ali

  • Karina Denyer

    What a wonderful resource!! I know my class will love it! Thank you

    • Alison Smith

      Hi Karina, I hope that you and your class have a rich learning experience when exploring this new resource. Thanks for your positive comment, we love hearing from you. Have a great day, Ali

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