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Greek/Latin Roots Posters

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PDF | 24 pages | Years: 5 - 6

Encourage vocabulary development with a set of 23 Greek and Latin roots posters.

Need Greek and Latin Root Words Posters?

Whether you have high readers, low readers or anything in between, vocabulary instruction is a critical component in any balanced literacy program. In the upper years, this transitions into intensive word study and integration of Greek and Latin root words. As students begin to build their own vocabularies, they need somewhere to turn to for additional practice. Simply use these posters as a reference point during your word study lessons.

This set of 23 posters serves as an excellent display for studying roots of words. Each poster has the root, its meaning and a real-word picture representation to aid in understanding. There are both colour and black and white versions of the resource.

Greek and Latin Roots List

The following Greek and Latin roots are included in the poster selection:  

  • port
  • phobia
  • geo
  • photo 
  • spect 
  • rupt 
  • graph
  • ject 
  • aqua 
  • phon 
  • therm 
  • scope 
  • scrib 
  • man 
  • chron 
  • fract 
  • opt 
  • ped/pod 
  • auto 
  • tele 
  • agri 
  • cycle 
  • aud.

These posters will prove useful in expanding your students’ knowledge of morphology. Increased awareness of roots and word-parts not only builds vocabulary, but helps improve spelling and the ability to make meaning from text.

How to Make the Most of Your Latin and Greek Roots Posters

  1. Print the posters on A4 paper and display them in your classroom for students to reference when doing independent work.
  2. Set your printer to print the posters 6-to-a-page. Print them and give them to students to insert into their notebooks or homework folders for reference.

We’ve also come up with bonus ways to turn posters into interactive tools that really make your lessons stick!

📝 Create a fill-in-the-blank worksheet by removing selections of text.  

📂 Place copies in students’ homework folders for reference. 

💻 Provide posters as digital resources for virtual students. 

🧠 Test students’ memories by showing them the poster then hiding it and having them tell you what they remember.

✅ Incorporate posters into your lesson wrap-up: students write on a sticky note what they learned from the lesson and place it on the poster. 

Before You Download

This resource prints as a PDF. Please use the dropdown menu to choose between the full-colour or black and white version.

Fill your classroom with more posters and interactive displays!

Spend more time lesson-doing and less time lesson-planning when you grab these activities!  

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