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Mining Posters - Open Cut and Underground Mining

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PDF | 2 pages | Years: 3 - 6

Posters showing the process of underground and open cut mining.

Information of posters includes:

Open Cut Mining:

Open-cut mining is when layers of earth are stripped away to reveal mineral deposits that are close to the surface. Mines are excavated over time in levels or benches. Benches are usually dug on four to sixty metre intervals and at an angle to reduce the risk of rock slides. Open-cut mines account for roughly 80% of the mines in Australia.


Underground Mining:

Underground mining is used when mineral deposits lie far below the surface. Tunnels or shafts are dug into the earth to reach buried mineral and coal deposits. Some shafts can be up to a kilometre deep. Underground mines are less common in Australia, but are still a popular mining method in other countries where coal is deep in the earth. Underground mines provide 60% of the world’s coal production.

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  • Julie Leach

    Thank you for designing these posters. They are a great visual for the students to understand the difference between the two types of mining.