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Saying Verbs Poster

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A poster giving the definition and examples of saying verbs.

Information includes:

Saying verbs indicate speaking. They can provide more information as to how things are being said, as in, “I’m really sorry,” sobbed Tony.

To say in anger: argued, asserted, barked, bellowed, challenged, commanded, complained, contended, criticised, debated, demanded, dictated, fumed, growled, grumbled, grunted, hissed, interrupted, lectured, objected, protested, ranted, roared, scolded, screamed, screeched, shouted, shrieked, snapped, snarled, sneered,
snickered, snorted, threatened, warned, yelled.

To say excitedly: babbled, blurted, cried, exaggerated, exclaimed, gasped, gushed, jabbered, jested, joked, laughed, marvelled, quipped, waffled.

To say remorsefully: apologised, appealed, bawled, begged, confessed, cried, fretted, howled, pleaded, sobbed, sputtered, stammered, wailed, whimpered, whispered.

Words to replace said: acknowledged, added, admitted, advised, affirmed, agreed, alleged, announced, answered, assured, bargained, began, boasted, bragged, cautioned, chanted, claimed, commented, concluded, confided, confirmed, consented, corrected, croaked, decided, declared, denied, echoed, elaborated, emphasised, explained, guessed, hinted, implied, inquired, insisted, instructed, lied, maintained, mentioned, moaned, mumbled, murmured, muttered, nagged, offered, ordered, predicted, promised, proposed, questioned, recalled, recommended, remembered, reminded, repeated, replied, reported, scoffed, sighed, stated, stressed, stuttered, suggested, surmised, sympathised, tattled, taunted, teased, told, urged, uttered, voiced, vouched, wondered.


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