50 Reasons Why You Need a Teach Starter Account

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If you’ve been thinking of signing up for a Teach Starter account – here’s 50 reasons why it’s worth it for you and your students!

Teach Starter creates brilliant teaching resources that save teachers hours each week preparing for the classroom. Hundreds of thousands of teachers worldwide rely on Teach Starter to help engage their students and make their classrooms buzz!

Don’t need any more information and ready to save time? Here’s our amazing subscription offer!

50 Reasons Why You Need a Teach Starter Account

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(1) High-Quality Resources

We pride ourselves on the quality of our resources. Each resource has been carefully constructed by teachers and designers… which brings us to number 2…

(2) Made by Teachers

The content in every single resource has been carefully constructed by highly experienced teachers!

(3) Make Your Classroom Buzz

There’s nothing better as a teacher than that feeling of learning in progress! We believe our resources can help teachers around the world make their classrooms buzz!

(4) Tree Planted for Every Sign-Up

You heard right! We are currently on a mission to plant 1 million trees by 2033. We plant one tree for every single person who subscribes to Teach Starter.

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(5) Gets Kids Excited to Learn

From math investigations to bingo games. Our resources are developed to get kids excited to learn!

(6) Reclaim Your Weekends

Stop spending your weekends creating resources for your students – we’ve done the hard work for you!

(7) Online Teacher Events

We love pulling the teaching community together in any way we can. Our online live podcast recordings and webinars about our site have been super popular.

(8) TEKS & Common Core Aligned

Simple! Our resources are aligned to both the TEKS and Common Core Curriculum.

(9) Podcast and Blogs for Teachers

Looking for inspiration? You may like to check out our podcasts – For the Love of Teaching and Love Learning (student-facing). We also have hundreds of blogs that highlight classroom hints and tips as well as how to use our resources in your classroom.

(10) New Resources Every Week

Our dedicated team is always producing new and exciting resources for the website.

(11) Resources Designed by Professional Artists

Our team of talented illustrators and designers produce some amazing illustrations that you’ll only see on our resources!

Beautifully designed teaching resources

(12) Pre-K – Grade 6 Resources

Our resources are created from Pre-K all the way to Grade 6!

(13) Wide Variety of Resources

A huge selection of resources covering the following areas: English Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health Education, Fine Arts (including Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Dance, and Technology Applications), Languages Other Than English, and Special Education Needs.

(14) Cuts Your Planning Time

When planning your day – no need to spend hours searching multiple websites for the one resource! Head to Teach Starter for all your lesson ideas and activities. And, if we don’t have what you’re looking for…

(15) Request a Resource Available

We have a ‘request a resource‘ system where you can ask our talented team to create a particular resource or collection of resources.

(16) Automatic Grading

If you haven’t discovered our product Assess – it’s game-changing! Ever wanted assessments and assignments to be graded for you? Now you can!

For more information check out this blog – Assess – The Online Learning Tool for Teachers.

Assess learning tool

(17) Digital Student Progress Tracking

Tracking the progress of your students throughout their learning journey is easy when using Assess.

(18) Amazing Customer Support

Do you have a question relating to our resources? Perhaps you’re finding it tricky to find the resource you want? Our team’s customer support is phenomenal!

(19) Editable Resources

We have a huge collection of resources that are available in Google Slides, Microsoft Word documents, and PowerPoint which means you can edit the resources to suit your needs.

(20) We Have an App

Yep! Plan on the go with our Teach Starter App! Access thousands of our resources, blogs, podcasts, and more all on your device!

(21) Printable Classroom Decor

Get ready for the start of the school year with our printable and editable Classroom Theme Packs. There are over 90 different themes available in this collection – something for everyone.

Sloth classroom theme pack

(22) Online Lesson Builder

Teaching remotely? Create your own online learning resources for your students to complete remotely. Upload a video or image, add text, and include some resources, then share it with your students.

(23) Perfect for Substitute Teachers

We have a huge collection of daily plans, resources, and organization tips for Substitute teachers!

(24) Video Backgrounds

Perfect to help out during distance learning is our collection of Digital Learning Backgrounds for Teachers.


(25) Create Your Own Classroom Templates

Create word walls, tray labels, classroom labels, bingo cards, and more using the Teach Starter Studio.

(26) 140,000+ Pages of Resources

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! By subscribing, you’d have access to over 140,000 pages of resources!

(27) Printable Teacher Planners

No need to order expensive teacher planners – create your own that suits your needs with our printable teacher planners.

(28) Classroom Avatars

Be the coolest teacher around by creating your students their very own avatars using our Avatar Creator!


(29) A Business for Good

We believe that every business should be a force for good. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We are committed to building an inclusive, supportive, and vibrant team. We are committed to giving back to our community.

(30) Inquiry-Based Learning Resources

Resources to support teachers during inquiry-based learning, including our Genius Hour Resources!

(31) Engaging Powerpoint Templates

We have a huge collection of interactive and engaging PowerPoint templates to use in the classroom.

(32) Resources to Help Differentiate

We have many resources on the site that cover the same topic, with slightly different levels – making differentiation easier for teachers.

(33) Holistic Approach to Teaching

We recognize the importance of social and emotional learning in your students and have a resource collection dedicated to social and emotional learning.

(34) Unit Plans

We even have whole teaching units all mapped out for you including lesson plans, printable resources, videos, PowerPoints, and more!

(35) Handwriting Worksheet Generator

Create your own handwriting worksheets with custom fonts and handwriting lines using our Handwriting Widget.

(36) High-Quality Posters

Our gorgeous collection of classroom posters are sure to brighten your classroom.

(37) We Have Cool Stickers!

We have produced a collection of cool sticker books for teachers. We even have digital stickers for remote learning!

(38) Classroom Management Resources

Classroom management resources are available covering behavior, routines, goals and feedback, and group organization.

(39) Mindfulness Resources

A collection of mindfulness teaching resources to use in your classroom. ‘Mindfulness’ means paying attention to the present moment.

Mindfulness resources for kids

(40) Original Content and Fresh Ideas

Our super creative team is always on the lookout for new innovative ways to teach different concepts to children.

(41) Easy to Navigate

Many of our members have commented on the website being easy to navigate – which is what you want when you’re a busy teacher!

(42) Create Digital Activities and Quizzes

This is another amazing aspect of our product Assess that is worth checking out!

(43) Learning From Home Resources

Do you have students learning from home for the start of the year? We have a whole collection dedicated to learning from home resources for both teachers and parents.

(44) Generate Printable Math Quizzes

Our Math Worksheet Generator is the perfect generator for a printable daily or weekly math quiz!

(45) Google Slide Templates

Many teachers are using Google Classroom during distance learning – so we have transformed over 100 of our resources into Google Slide templates, with more to come!

(46) Student-Facing Magazines

Our ‘What’s Buzzing?’ magazine provides authentic and engaging activities for your students. We’ve taken the stress out of planning your literacy lessons with this amazing educational magazine.


(47) Engaging Printable Games

Our site provides access to an extensive collection of game resources including a variety of whole-class and group games, board games, bingo, and blank templates.

(48) We Offset Emissions

Through our One Million Trees by 2033 project, we are helping to offset the impact our business and our members have on the environment.

(49) 4.8 Out of 5 Star Reviews

Our members love us! Have a scroll through our testimonials to see what they are saying!

(50) 50% Off

And, if the previous 49 points weren’t enough to convince you – maybe this is! At the moment we are running a 50% off campaign just for you!

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Get the deal!


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    Love It! I love this site. Reading through the 50 reasons I found out something and was reminded of others: the magazine for one, I did not know about and was reminded of the Assess tool.

    • Natalie

      YAY! We are so happy to hear this and glad you were reminded of some of our offerings! Please let us know if we can help in any other way!

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