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Paper Bag Christmas Puppets
Alison Smith

Written by Alison Smith

Are your class getting Christmasitus and longing to get stuck into some Christmas craft?

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You won’t need to justify time for Christmas craft with these purposeful ideas. Craft activities can help students to develop:

  • motor skills
  • increased levels of independence
  • critical thinking
  • the ability to follow a design process and instructions
  • pride in their achievements
  • resilience.

In this blog, I am going to show you how you can make the most of Christmas craft and make crafty links to the curriculum.

Christmas Paper Bag Puppets

I’d like to introduce you to our latest Teach Starter membersSanta, Rudolph, Snowman, and Elf.

Paper Bag Christmas Puppets

If you needed a reason to get the felt, fur, googly eyes, pom poms and bells out, this is it.

Download our Paper Bag Christmas – Puppet Making Activity and set you and your class up with meaningful Christmas activities for the rest of the term.

Never underestimate the power of puppets. Puppets provide a great opportunity for Christmas craft, drama, imaginative play, narrative writing and more. They encourage storytelling, oral language, creative expression and provide endless opportunities for role play.

This friendly Christmas puppet crew is easy to make.

  1. Fold a regular-sized, brown paper lunch bag in half vertically and glue the two sides together.
  2. This forms a long, rectangle shape with a hole at the bottom for students to use as a puppet.
  3. Color the cutouts on the template.
  4. Design your puppets outfit using a variety of craft materials.
  5. Cut out all of the pieces you need.
  6. Glue the template pieces and clothing pieces onto the paper bag!

Paper Bag Christmas Puppets

So now that you’ve made your puppets, what are you going to do with them??

Christmas Craft Buddy Activity

Do your students have a buddy class?

If they do, Christmas craft is a great way for students to connect with each other. Why not invite your buddy class over to your classroom to create Christmas Paper Bag Puppets.

If managing another 25+ buddy students feels too much like hard work, surprise your little buddies with a puppet as a lovable Christmas buddy gift.

I used a simple brown paper bag, a ribbon and our customizable Desk Name Tags Red Bubble Pattern to make a gift tag!

Paper Bag Christmas Puppets

For more engaging activity ideas for buddy time take a look at our Buddy Activities Teaching Collection.

Puppet Show

When you have finished your Christmas craft and constructed your Christmas Paper Bag Puppets, why not extend your learning experience by planning, rehearsing and performing a puppet show.

Puppet shows offer valuable learning experiences in many developmental areas. As well as being a huge amount of fun, playing with puppets can:

  • support oral language skills and communication
  • encourage social/emotional development
  • help children learn and understand the world around them through safe, imaginative play.

Do you have students in your class that shy away from drama activities and oral presentations? If you do, puppet shows could be a hit. Puppet theaters provide a safe place behind the curtain and most children find them less intimidating for performing plays.

It’s easy to construct your own puppet theater. Cardboard boxes work really well!

Paper Bag Christmas Puppets

Write a Christmas Puppet Narrative

Don’t let your Christmas craft go to waste. Instead, use our new Christmas Paper Bag Template characters to inspire a Christmas themed narrative.

Check out our collection of Narrative Writing Resources to help your students to plan a fun narrative. My top pick is our Narrative Plot Structure Diagram (Version 1).

Paper Bag Christmas Puppets

This teaching resource provides your students with a clear, visual scaffold to write a narrative that includes the following structural features:

  • exposition
  • rising action
  • climax
  • falling action
  • resolution.

Write a ProceduralText

Use your paper bag puppets as a lesson hook when introducing a festive procedural text activity.

Lower years students will love our Procedure Sequencing Activity – Snowman. Students cut and paste the steps of How to Build a Snowman in the correct order.

Paper Bag Christmas Puppets

Check out our Informative Writing Teaching Resources for more brilliant procedural text activity ideas.

For more inspirational ideas on how to hook your students at the beginning of a lesson, at any time of the year, read our blog Lesson Hook Strategies to Launch Learning.

Character Description

Put the fun factor into the Christmas countdown and use your Christmas Paper Bag Puppets to consolidate how to write a character profile. Whether your students choose to compose a character profile for Santa, Rudolph, Elf or Snowman they are sure to have a whole lot of fun writing it.

Don’t miss out on our Detailed Character Profile Worksheet.

Informal Measurement

It’s true, Christmas craft and Mathematics can go together! Make your paper bag puppets feel useful and use them as an informal unit of measurement.

We measured how many elves high our Christmas tree is! Turns out, it’s not as tall as we estimated.

Paper Bag Christmas Puppets

For more informal measurement activities read our blog Teaching Measurement | The Best Informal Measurement Activities.

Festive Repeated Patterns

Make your paper bag puppets feel double the love by exploring repeated patterns with your lower years students.

Christmas Craft – STEM

Why not challenge your class to plan, design and make their very own paper bag Christmas puppet with moving parts?

The STEM process is guided by the Engineering Design Process.

  1. Ask What is the problem? Are there any challenges?
  2. Imagine Brainstorm ideas and pick the best one!
  3. Plan Make a list of materials and draw a labeled diagram.
  4. Create Follow your plan. Create a model if possible. Test it! Does it meet the goal?
  5. Improve Did it work? Can you make it better? What could be done differently?
  6. Share Is the problem solved? What changes need to be made? What do others think?

Set your students up for success by making the most of our Download: STEM Planning and Reflection Sheet – Upper and Download: STEM Reflection Sheet – Lower. These STEM teaching resources will support your students through the process of designing a Christmas puppet with moving parts.

More Chrismas STEM Activities

For more STEM challenges with a Christmas theme, download our Christmas STEM Challenge CardsThese tasks enable students to use a variety of materials to design and make new products or to solve design challenges. The tasks cover a range of time allocations, making them ideal for either a quick activity or a more extended lesson.


So as you can see, our Paper Bag Christmas Puppet Making Activity is extraordinarily good value.

Don’t be an Ebenezer Scrooge! Take up the offer of a Paper Bag Christmas – Puppet Making Activity.

Emma and I hope that you and your class have as much fun as we did making the Christmas Crew.

Paper Bag Christmas Puppets

Please share your puppet show photos on Instagram #teachstarter!

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