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Meet the Author - Jeanne Sager

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Jeanne Sager is a member of the US marketing team at Teach Starter and comes to us with a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Studies and background in both journalism and digital marketing. Jeanne joined Teach Starter in 2021 to share her passion for English Language Arts through our blogs and US social media platforms.

Jeanne’s inspiration for becoming a writer was born from the positive influence of her third-grade teacher, who saw the writer in her and selected her and her best friend to write, cast, direct and film their own historical plays. She can still remember how proud she was for being a playwright! Jeanne’s teacher ignited a passion in her for stringing words together, and it’s never left!

Some of Jeanne’s favorite contributions to the Teach Starter blog are below:

Talking to Kids About Ukraine: How Teachers Can Help — All eyes have been on Ukraine, and that includes little eyes. How can teachers help their students make sense of the war in Ukraine? Get experts insights on what to say and what not to say.

Gender-Neutral Terms for Teachers to Use in Elementary School — Teachers have been standing in front of classrooms and calling out “boys and girls” for centuries. Is it time for something different?

Wordle in the Classroom: How Teachers Are Using the Viral Word Game — Obsessed with Wordle? Join these teachers who’ve figured out how to get their kids hooked on word games too!

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