New Kids On the Block – New Student Survival Flip Book!

New Student Survival Flip Book

Written by Emma (Teach Starter)

Put your hand up if you were ever the new kid?

Being a new teacher at school can be a little bit daunting. Being a new student at school can be even scarier!

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Making new friends, remembering all your teachers’ names, even reminding yourself how your uniform should look or what days you have certain lessons… it’s no surprise that starting at a new school can be a pretty stressful experience for some children.

New Kid on the Block - New Student Survival Flip Book

As a teacher, having a new student enter an established classroom can also be tricky – helping them settle in and learn the routine on top of teaching can sometimes be an extra task we could do without (especially if they surprise you with their arrival!).

Take the stress out of the equation for both you and your fresh new face with our New Student Survival Flip Book Template! Give your new student this handy little booklet full of helpful information to help them as they settle into their new environment.

Putting Together This Helpful Resource

It could not be easier to assemble the New Student Survival Flip Book Template.

Download it as a PDF or as an EDITABLE Word document to tailor it to your class needs. Cut each piece to size and attach together at the top!

For an extra welcoming punch, why not print each page of the black and white version on a different piece of colored paper?


What’s In the New Student Survival Flip Book?

In this flip book, you’ll find all the information your new student will need to survive a start at your school!

New Student Survival Flip Book

Special Days at School

Having a few special and exciting days to look forward to at their new school can go a long way to helping a student settle in.

Let them know about the fun things on the school calendar with this page! This will also help their parents be aware of any special times they need to take note of later in the year.

Important People

Your new student will have a whir of names going through their head, and that’s just their new classmates! Take some of the hassle out of remembering teachers’ names with the Important People tab.

This tab has the added benefit of reminding the student which adult to go to for different needs and information.

Classroom Rules

Most classroom rules and expectations go without saying! But if you have certain rules that you and your class have agreed upon, include these in this section. Have certain guidelines about uniform or late homework? Include these here!

New Student Survival Flip Book

This way, the student will know the expectations of the room in advance and not get caught unawares.

School Map

Having a simple mud map of your school with special locations highlighted is a great way to show your new child the lay of the land.

New Student Survival Flip Book

Why not trace the routes they should take to get to the library, assembly hall or cafeteria? X marks the spot!

Class Schedule

A class timetable is particularly good for upper year’s students who may have a lot of specialist lessons. This section of the New Student Survival Flip Book is great for reminding kids which day requires which materials!

Better yet, a visual timetable with little icons for each lesson can make this page early-years friendly!

New Student’s Buddy

The new face in your room will no doubt need someone from their peer group to show them the ropes. Why not choose a buddy for your new student and include a mini-biography on that special person?

New Students - Flip Book

The magic of having this template available in Word is that you can edit and include any information you want! With information on their buddy, your new student will feel less isolated and have some conversation starters.

Welcome Messages

Finally, walking into a class of open and welcoming faces is a must for helping re-establish routine and keep your school days rolling smoothly with an extra student.

New Students - Flip Book

Really make your new student feel welcome by allowing your established classmates to write a brief welcome message to include in the back of the flip book.

It’s so exciting to have a new student!

How do you help a new student settle into your room?

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