How to Set Up Brag Tags in the Classroom

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Are you looking for a different way to manage behavior in your classroom?

Motivate your students with ‘brag tags!’

Focusing on positive behavior and giving positive feedback is crucial to help motivate your students. Brag tags are a great reminder of good behavior, they also help the teacher remember to give positive feedback to students in a busy classroom environment.

What are Brag Tags?

Brag tags are an exciting, year-round classroom incentive system!  They are small tags that are collected on a lanyard. Students can wear their brag tags around the classroom, however, for safety reasons, I would suggest having them displayed on a display board during playtimes.

Students receive brag tags when they are demonstrating positive behavior in the classroom, or even in the playground. They collect as many as they can throughout the year!

Get Organized!

Firstly, you need to get laminating and cutting! Use good quality laminating sheets to ensure the brag tags last! I would suggest using some laminating sheets from a stationery store such as Office Depot. Here is a tip – you don’t need to cut out the brag tags first, then laminate, then trim again! Simply laminate the whole sheet of paper and then cut out! Put on your favorite TV show to make this time pass quickly!?

To save time during the year – I would print and laminate as many of each brag tag as possible!

Use a singular hole punch to put holes at the top of each tag so that they are ready to go!

How to Store Brag Tags

Getting the right storage system for your brag tags will save you time and frustrations during the year. Making them easy to find is what you want! There are a number of storage systems you could use.

In this first example, I have simply used a large container with rubber bands to keep the bundles of brag tags together!

In this second example, I have used smaller containers for each brag tag and used one stuck to the lid, this makes it easier to find the brag tag you want!

There are a number of different options are available at Office Depot.

Brag Tag Lanyards and Classroom Display

I get nervous when I see pictures of the brag tag chains other people use with young children. I would prefer to use safety lanyards! Office Depot have a large selection of lanyards that you can purchase. They have a safety clip at the back of the lanyard, in case it gets pulled!

I found these brightly colored lanyards at my local newsagent, however, I have also seen them at my local cheap shop!

When students are not wearing their brag tags around the classroom. I would display them on a classroom notice board.

Print out our Brag Tags Banner and the Name Tags – Abstract Spots for each student’s name. Place a hook under each student’s name so that they can hang their brag tag lanyard!

Rules for the Brag Tags

When setting up this incentive system in your classroom, it is imperative that your students understand how it works and the rules!

As a class, brainstorm a set of rules for the brag tags. For example; only the teacher can choose who earns the brag tags, brag tags are to be worn in the classroom only, look after your brag tags…

There may be other rules you wish to implement in your classroom – make sure your students understand these at the beginning of the year!

Brag Tag Ceremony

How many brag tags you give to your students is up to you. Most teachers give each student one or two a week.

Alternatively, you may wish to provide only a handful of students brag tags in a week.

A cute idea is to hold a brag tag ceremony at the end of each week. Perhaps the Principal could be invited for a couple throughout the year! Make it really special!

Who’s Bragging?

Have you used our brag tags in your classroom? We would love to hear how it is going!

Leave us a comment on this blog or tag us in a photo on Instagram @teachstarter_us (#teachstarterus).


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  • Kiera Gallagher

    I use brag tags in my classroom (we call them SWAG Tags though) and the kids glue them into a small notebook (around 2x4 size) that hang from a ribbon on their hook. It was taking too long for me to laminate and cut them all so I decided this would be easier. The kids love to go back through their book to see what their year was like!

    • Kristian

      Hi Kiera, Thanks for your comment and taking the time to leave feedback. If there is anything I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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