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We’ve all heard of the classroom mailbox and the different ways that it can be used. But this super cute printable mailbox template is the perfect addition to any classroom. The options are endless with how you use this brand-new Teach Starter resource in your classroom. However, there is one main purpose – to spread positivity and kindness in the form of some happy mail for the classroom! And when the world seems to be going a little crazy – a bit of happy mail is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

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New Printable Mailbox for the Classroom

Our mini mailbox template is super easy to create! Available to print in color or black and white, you can pick which download option you want by simply clicking on the down arrow beside the download button.

How to create your mini mailbox: 

  1. Cut out the Mini Mailbox front and back templates.
  2. Then, cut out the mail slot on the front template.
  3. On the back template, you will notice a dotted line – cut along this to create a flap.
  4. Attach tab ‘A’ to the Mini Mailbox back where shown.
  5. Fold all other tabs.
  6. Complete the assembly of the Mini Mailbox by sticking the remaining tabs in place.

Printable mailbox for the classroom

Whole-Class Mailbox for the Classroom

Print the template on a tabloid-size sheet of paper and assemble a ‘not so mini’ mailbox for the whole class.

Students ‘mail’ their positive letters and messages to their peers. The teacher acts as the mail person by checking the mail, stamping it, and delivering to the individual students.

Printable mailbox for the classroom

Individual Mailbox for the Classroom

Provide students with the black and white option for them to color and add their name to the front of the mailbox.

The mailboxes can be placed on each student’s desk or altogether in one location. The teacher can deliver written notes to each student that can be read out during a specific ‘mail time’. This is also a great opportunity for teachers to deliver some positive reinforcement to students in the form of some happy mail!

Printable mailbox for the classroom

Printable Mini Envelope Templates

How absolutely adorable are these mini letter and envelope templates? The perfect way for your students to share some happy mail in the classroom!

This resource download comes in four different designs allowing for student choice. Each piece of writing paper is perfectly sized to fold and fit inside the adorable matching envelope! Follow these simple steps:

  • Cut out and fold the envelope.
  • Cut out the writing paper and write a message.
  • Fold the letter in half and slip into the envelope.
  • Seal the envelope with a sticker, piece of tape, or a wax seal if you are super fancy!

Black and white and blank versions of the envelopes are also available.

Printable mini envelopes and letter templates for kids.

It’s really up to you how you make this work in your classroom. But one thing is for sure – your students will love to engage with writing some nice messages to their friends using these super cute templates!

Even the most reluctant writers will enjoy writing on these mini letter writing templates.

Share your mailbox creations for your classroom on Instagram tagging @teachstarter_us so we can spread the love!

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