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Writing Process Teaching Resources

Make teaching the writing process more fun for you and your students this year with writing process resources created by teachers that are ready to be downloaded and used in your classroom! Find printable writing posters for the classroom, instructional slide decks on each step of the process for students, editing and writing checklists, and more. Teach Starter's curriculum-aligned teacher resources all go through a rigorous review process by our expert teacher team, and that includes these writing resources for teaching your students to embrace this part of the ELA curriculum and helping them to flex their writing muscles!

What Is the Writing Process and Why Is It Important?

The writing process refers to the series of mental and physical steps that a writer takes as they create any written material. Learning these steps helps students in a number of ways, but some of the most important reasons to teach the writing process in your ELA classes includes:
  • Students learn to get their ideas down on paper and how to beat writer's block
  • Students learn to organize their thoughts in writing to create a more finished product
  • Students get to practice developing their stories and characters
  • Students learn that writing is a true process, which can make it less intimidating!
  • Students learn to bring a growth mindset to writing, improving over a series of drafts and revisions

What Are the Steps of the Writing Process?

The steps of the writing process you'll find in this resource collection for teachers include:
  • Brainstorming and pre-writing
  • Writing a rough draft
  • Editing
  • Revising
  • And more
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