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Above and Below the Line Behaviors - Sorting Activity

Teach Starter Publishing
PDF | 15 pages | Grades: K - 2

Remind students of behaviors that are "above the line", "below the line", and "bottom-line" with this sorting activity.

Use this sorting activity in your classroom at the beginning of the year and after long breaks to remind students how to behave in ways that are respectful, honest, responsible, and safe.

The resource includes:

  • definitions of above the line, below the line, and bottom-line behaviors
  • nine above the line behavior cards
  • nine below the line behavior cards
  • five bottom-line behavior cards
  • three blank cards (to add additional behaviors if you wish)

Ways to Use These Sorting Cards in the Classroom

Center Activity to Reinforce Classroom Expectations

Place the 3 sorting headers in the center of the playing area. Students slit the deck equally between them. Students take turns placing one of the cards in their hands under the appropriate header. As they lay down their card, have them explain why they believe the card falls under that category. The game ends when all of the cards have been placed under the correct category.

Whole-Class Back-To-School Activity

Draw 3 circles on the board and place each category header inside of a circle. Randomly call on a student to come and draw a card from the deck. Have them read the card out loud to the class and place the card in the corresponding circle and explain why they think the card belongs there. The rest of the class will give a thumbs up or down as to if they agree with the decision.

Small-Group Lesson

Use in a small group as part of a social skills lesson.

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