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Growth and Fixed Mindset Poster - Talking to Myself

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PDF | 2 pages | Grades: 1 - 6

Highlight the difference in language between a growth and fixed mindset.

Growth Mindset Self-talk

This poster is a perfect reference tool for students who struggle with negative self-talk. We’ve all heard “I can’t do this” or “this is too hard” plenty of times, and this poster aims to reframe these fixed mindset examples into growth mindset opportunities.

Examples of growth mindset language include:

  • This may take some more time and effort from me.
  • I need to go back and look at what I’m missing.
  • I can always improve, so what can I do to make this better?

The poster also includes an example of ‘too easy’ talk where students might rush through work if they think a task is too easy.

Ways to Use a Growth Mindset Poster

This poster can be more than “just a poster” for your classroom. Why not try one of these ideas:

  • Print the poster and display it in a prominent place in your classroom for students to reference when doing independent work.
  • Print several copies of the poster and slip each one inside a dry-erase sleeve to have on hand when working in small groups.
  • Print on a piece of cardstock and place it on a binder ring. Hang it up in a position where students can access it, such as in learning centers/stations, near your work turn-in station, etc.
  • Project on the screen at the front of the classroom when discussing growth mindset as part of your social-emotional learning lesson.

Before You Download

This resource downloads as a PDF and contains two different characters to choose from.

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