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How to Reduce Waste - School Lunch Project

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PDF | 6 pages | Grades: 2 - 6

An investigation that will have students calculate the waste produced from their school lunches, create a plan of action to reduce their waste, and reflect on their results.

Analyze Those Leftovers and Reduce Waste at Lunch

Help your students understand how renewable and nonrenewable resources are going to waste with an eye-opening project. Use these worksheets when investigating the amount of waste generated by your student’s lunch boxes and lunch trays.

Reducing, reusing, and recycling waste is one of the most valuable practices to implement when improving your carbon footprint. Teach your students about better managing their school lunch waste by having them analyze the amount of waste generated at each meal.

Students will:

  • Collate the amount of waste produced at lunch over one week in the table provided
  • Reflect on the impact that their waste would have on the environment
  • Create a plan of action to reduce their waste
  • Conduct the waste collection a second time, measure and compare their waste collection over both weeks
  • Graph the data collected
  • Reflect on their results

This sustainability teaching resource contributes to cross-curricular integration with Mathematics and Data Analysis.

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