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Number Forms Worksheet

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Google Slide, PDF | 1 page | Grades: 1 - 2

A fill-in-the-blank worksheet for your students to practice putting 3-digit numbers in standard form, expanded form, and written form.

We created this worksheet to help your students understand place value while they practice putting 3-digit numbers in their:

  • Standard form
  • Expanded form
  • Written form

By understanding number forms, your students will be making connections between numbers and words in their brains, developing their abilities to solve complex problems. Plus, number forms practice allows students to not only work on their math skills but their reading and writing skills as well. 

How to Use Our Number Forms Worksheet with Your Students

This resource is best used with a whole group mathematics activity to practice number forms. 

Students will fill in the missing parts on the table using standard form, expanded form, and written form.

Expand This Number Forms Worksheet with More Ways to Play!

Looking for more ways to practice place value? Try these games out with your class: 

Mirror Game

This activity works best with a small group because you’ll need enough dry erase boards and markers for each student. Divide the students into 2 groups and have them sit in 2 lines facing each other. Say a 3-digit number from the worksheet out loud and ask Row 2 to write the number in expanded form, while Row 2 writes the number in written form. Students will get 15 seconds to write their answers on their boards. On your cue (for example, “Ready, Set, Go!”), the students turn their boards around so their partner can see their answers. If both students in a pair have the correct answers, they get 2 points. If one has the right answer, the team gets 1 point.

Put Me In Order

In addition to practicing place value and number forms, students will also get active while putting their listening and comprehension skills to the test! On cardstock, write each number 0-9 on its own sheet and lay them out on a table (or propped up for easy grabbing from the whiteboard). Then put students in groups of 3. Going 1 group at a time, show the class one of the 3-digit numbers from the worksheet in written form on the board and read it out loud together for them to hear. Then give each group 30 seconds to pull the number cards and put them in their correct place value order for their class to see. If they get it correct, they get a point!  

Change the Difficulty Level if Needed

Got fast worksheet finishers? After filling in the missing information in the table, have students place the numbers in order from least to greatest.

If some students need more practice, allow them to use a whiteboard to write out their answers, or encourage them to practice on the back of the worksheet before filling in the table. It might also help students to remind them of place value H T O (Hundreds, Tens, Ones). 

Easily Prepare This Resource for Your Students

Because this download includes the answer sheet, we recommend first printing one copy of the entire file. Then, make photocopies of the blank worksheets for students to fill out on their own. 

Before You Download

Please note this resource is available in Google Slides or as a PDF. An answer key is also included with this download.

This resource was created by Nicole Ellis, a teacher in New York and a Teach Starter Collaborator. 


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