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Plant Journal Observation Worksheets

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Observe and record information about the features of plants with a plant journal worksheet.

Observe and Report with a Plant Journal!

Get your students up and out of the classroom to brush up on their observation skills with a plant walk! That’s right, one of the best ways to help your students understand the many features and parts of plants is to get them outside and let them get up close and personal with Earth’s flora.

This set of differentiated printable plant journal worksheets is the perfect tool to help your students observe, organize, and report their findings during a plant observation activity. Using these worksheets, students will use their senses to identify what different plants look like, feel like, smell like, and what features they may have that help them survive.

The Plant Journal for Primary and Upper Grades!

Three worksheets are included for different age levels. The following are included.

  • Worksheet 1 – Upper Grades – Focuses on observing plants, looking for any specific adaptations the plant uses to survive, and determining how plants use different adaptations.
  • Worksheet 2 – Intermediate – Students will use their senses to observe, note any special features, and draw/write to discuss how plants may use those features.
  • Worksheet 3 – This worksheet is for the youngest botanists in your school. It focuses on using the five senses to observe the parts of plants and their features. This is a draw-and-write worksheet.

Download and Print!

This resource is available in two easy-to-use download options. Use the dropdown arrow to select the editable Google Slides or quick-print PDF files. Make your copies, and you’re ready to get your scientists moving!


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